How did it end?

If you ever wondered how my au pair adventure ended, today I’m here to tell you everything about it.

If you were following my blog, you probably know that I haven’t posted anything after my 11th month.
In my second year a lot of things changed, I started working more hours and I travelled like never before. Weekends were always busy, if it wasn’t travelling it was hanging out with my friends or spend time with my host family. That resulted in me abandoning my blog.

During my second year I met a lot of new people, americans, but also au pair. Continue reading

The truth behind the life of an expat

Since I moved to the States I’ve heard many people telling me how much they were jealous of me. That they wished they had the same opportunity because the world is beautiful and how I was able to do that.
Well I believe that the perfect word is sacrifice. Traveling and/or living abroad for a long period of time is not as easy as you think.
You need to be ready to do it. It is very tough and it is not only my opinion. Every time I speak with a friend who is living the same kind of experience we agree on the same things.expat-state-of-mind

Here 6 common feelings: Continue reading

Ninth Month: Being busy is good

This month I was very busy with college, I had two tests, and the GED, the teacher was keep asking me more things to do. However this month proved that I am building strong friendships.
I also started running. Hope to be back like I was in Italy soon.1422528_962798110406729_7750041429330884108_n

I am very glad that I always had something to do because it wasn’t a really happy month. I mean it wasn’t bad, but all my friends and I were a little bit depressed, all for different reasons, and this influenced also my month. Continue reading

Random thoughts of an Au Pair

I recently got the impression that my monthly report is not enough to explain the feelings of an au pair. A lot of people keep asking me if it is hard to find friends, how much time I needed to adapt myself to the new life, etc.
Since I came here I experienced a lot of things and emotions. Both positive and negative.tumblr_lbotzpZ8Ec1qdsyuro1_500_thumb
If you wanna be an au pair you should be ready to give the best of you, go over your limits.
And that’s what I did and I am doing! If somebody would have ever told me I would have done all these things, I would have looked at him and said: “dude, are you nuts? This is never gonna happen!Continue reading

New York City: A Journey not a Vacation

Ehy everybody!
First of all happy new year!! I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and I wish you the best for your 2015!Happy New Year 2015
During my last week I was in New York City, so I wanna share with you my travel plan and give you some impression and maybe tips.

I’ll start  by saying that we decided to buy the New York pass. It definitely was the right choice, because we saved a lot of money and everything was included! The pass cost 180$ (on sale) it might seems a lot but it was worth it. Here the link.nyCardGuidebook
We also bought the MetroCard with the 7 days unlimited option for 30$. A single ride is 2,50, without any offer, and we were used to take circa 4 rides every day. So imagine the save. Continue reading

Au Pair Salary: Tips on how to manage it to have a year without regrets

Today I wanna talk about the au pair salary, since one of the first questions we asked ourselves, and I asked myself, is: but 197,50$ per week are enough?

Of course if we were earning more it would be better, but anyway any amount would be good to complain. So let’s see how to manage our weekly pocket money to achieve all our goals without problems!pubblicazione1 Continue reading

A Journey to the Interior of the Earth

Finally here I am to tell you everything about the travel I’ve waited for a lifetime.
At 4am my alarm rang, I ran downstairs with the last few things, I closed my luggage and I squeezed my dog in one last hug… :’(
At 6,30 I was at Malpensa and after waiting for the check-in I’ve got a panic attack thinking I was the only one taking that flight. I waited my turn and as soon as it opened I dashed myself to the check-in (I felt like dexter because everything was like in the tv-show), and unexpectedly everything went fine. I decided to have my last Italian breakfast and after waiting 15min for an orange juice I went in line waiting for the first security check.
I went through everything and nothing beeped! First Hurrah for me!
When I got to the customs nobody asked me anything, I avoided asking any single question and with my passport stamped I went through the second security check! Second Hurrah for me!
After walking for 30min I don’t know how many miles, (thank god somebody invented carry-on bags) I arrived at my gate where I waited for about hour before boarding.
Without getting anybody attention I showed my boarding pass, they let me through and I went searching my seat on the plane.
Now, I don’t know if it is because I always flew with Ryanair, but it was the coolest plane I have ever been on!foto 1 Continue reading