Black Friday

It is a very important day,  under the commercial aspect, because it is a valid indicator on the predisposition to purchases, and indirectly on the spending power of US consumers. Therefore it is carefully observed and expected by financial analysts and stock market environments in the US and Internationally.

Large retail chains are used to offer, on this occasion, remarkable and exceptional promotions in order to increase their sales. This day also marks the beginning of the Christmas season, the time of the year in which there are overall more sales.Black-Friday.001

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Au Pair Salary: Tips on how to manage it to have a year without regrets

Today I wanna talk about the au pair salary, since one of the first questions we asked ourselves, and I asked myself, is: but 197,50$ per week are enough?

Of course if we were earning more it would be better, but anyway any amount would be good to complain. So let’s see how to manage our weekly pocket money to achieve all our goals without problems!pubblicazione1 Continue reading

Shopping in the U.S.A.

One of the articles you asked us to write is about shopping in America.
The first thing we have to say is that if we want to buy something we have to go to the mall, a big area with lots of big stores one next to the other, local shops like the one we have in Italy don’t exist.

Another difference is that consumerism is very strong. Therefore there are often sales, even when it is not sales period, and the vary from 50%, to buy one the second is half price or 1$ and so on…target-christmas-clearance
Discounts may be combined, so if you have more than one coupon you can add them together to get a super discount. In the supermarket you can even buy a coupon-holder to keep in your purse! Continue reading