The truth behind the life of an expat

Since I moved to the States I’ve heard many people telling me how much they were jealous of me. That they wished they had the same opportunity because the world is beautiful and how I was able to do that.
Well I believe that the perfect word is sacrifice. Traveling and/or living abroad for a long period of time is not as easy as you think.
You need to be ready to do it. It is very tough and it is not only my opinion. Every time I speak with a friend who is living the same kind of experience we agree on the same things.expat-state-of-mind

Here 6 common feelings: Continue reading

Sixth Month: time is flying by

This month i realized that half of my time here is already gone. It scared me, because i still have so many things to do. I hope to stay another year because i know that i am not done here, yet!

This month it was a mixture of exciting and sad events.
Both thanksgiving and black friday experiences were so much fun, but when my friend Julia left i was really sad, and what made me also sad what that my friend C. said that her host family is not gonna have another au pair after her, and also A.M.’s host family cannot have another au pair because her host mom lost the job… Continue reading