Au Pair Salary: Tips on how to manage it to have a year without regrets

Today I wanna talk about the au pair salary, since one of the first questions we asked ourselves, and I asked myself, is: but 197,50$ per week are enough?

Of course if we were earning more it would be better, but anyway any amount would be good to complain. So let’s see how to manage our weekly pocket money to achieve all our goals without problems!pubblicazione1 Continue reading

A Journey to the Interior of the Earth

Finally here I am to tell you everything about the travel I’ve waited for a lifetime.
At 4am my alarm rang, I ran downstairs with the last few things, I closed my luggage and I squeezed my dog in one last hug… :’(
At 6,30 I was at Malpensa and after waiting for the check-in I’ve got a panic attack thinking I was the only one taking that flight. I waited my turn and as soon as it opened I dashed myself to the check-in (I felt like dexter because everything was like in the tv-show), and unexpectedly everything went fine. I decided to have my last Italian breakfast and after waiting 15min for an orange juice I went in line waiting for the first security check.
I went through everything and nothing beeped! First Hurrah for me!
When I got to the customs nobody asked me anything, I avoided asking any single question and with my passport stamped I went through the second security check! Second Hurrah for me!
After walking for 30min I don’t know how many miles, (thank god somebody invented carry-on bags) I arrived at my gate where I waited for about hour before boarding.
Without getting anybody attention I showed my boarding pass, they let me through and I went searching my seat on the plane.
Now, I don’t know if it is because I always flew with Ryanair, but it was the coolest plane I have ever been on!foto 1 Continue reading