Americans’ Guys

I always wanted to write this article, but because i am a slacker, or maybe just busy, i never did.
Well now i am absolutely in the mood.
So here a description of all the different types of americans. Just to give you an idea of the reality because my expectations were very different. To be clear, the article is just for fun, I am not going to generalize.  Hope nobody gets offended!

Ok, probably we watch too much tv, because i always thought: When i’ll be in america i will be surrounded only by good looking guys!i-am-sexy-and-i-know-it
I have to be really honest, the guy “actor stlye” is more unique than rare.
I went to many different events and places and I’ve practically never seen a guy and thought: wow he is so pretty, the perfect American! And apparently i am not the only one who have seen her expectation going in pieces.
I mean, tastes are tastes but… Continue reading