Photos e Video for the Application

Hello future au pairs,
as you might have noticed we didn’t go down into the details about the fields you have to fill in in your AuPairRoom for two reasons: we started this blog once the process was already completed and not all the agencies have the same application process.
AuPairCare requires to update some pictures (at least 10) and a video, so we decided to tell you what our thoughts were , especially because some au pairs that follow our blog usually ask us for advices.
For the photos, we both decided for some pics of us together with kids or our friends, plus some solo pics. Many (especially the ones with kids) are old, but the agency accepts them as long as it is clear that you are in the photo. Continue reading

Susa’s Match

Today I’m going to tell you my “match” story!!Big-Match

My profile got approved the 26th of November and for about two weeks nobody contacted me. One day, my representative called me because some time has passed since my profile got approved and told me that maybe nobody contacted me because almost all the preferences’ dots about the family were red. That meant that my choices were too strict. She asked me if I wanted to change some of them, and after thinking about it I changed religion and single father. The dot for “different religion” was red because I decided that I didn’t want to stay with a family practicing in a very severe way (es Ramadan) but I thought that maybe family could have understood that like I don’t wanna be part of a religious family at all. I decided to change that in green and in case, explain during an interview that I just don’t wanna be forced to be part of their religious habits. About the single father, my original preference was to stay in a family with both parents, but then I thought that usually single fathers are always kind, less severe, more willing to do activities with the kids, they spoil them more and since a female figure is missing in the family we could have get along. That’s not always the case, but since I have lot of friends with separated parents I happened to see situations like this.
After changing the dots, in few days I got an email from the first family interested in my profile. As you can see the new dots made a miracle! Every time a family shows interest in your profile you will get an email titled: Important Notice from AuPairCare. Continue reading