The Training School

In our previous posts we told you about our experiences at the training school (here you can find Susa’s), but now we would like to tell you more objectively what happen in the first 3 days of training! We believe that the topics are always the same, just with a different schedule, because Susa had a schedule and Marty another one! Below a list of all the topics and later we will give you more details on how the days work.

  • Rules and responsibilities of an au pair
  • Kids development, distinctive traits of every group age
  • Kids Safety (car, places with water, other situations)
  • CPR and first aid
  • General information about America and American culture
  • Create a positive environment with the host family, avoid fights and how to handle the communication with the family.
  • Driving in the United States

Once landed in the States a shuttle will come pick you up and will drop you off at your Hotel, which is just outside Manhattan. Continue reading

Impressions about my days at the training school

….How the first days at the training school are?
Let’s start from the fact that I wans’t jet legged even tho I had a really long travel, and then I was the only Italian, so I was forced to speak English.
The only thing annoyed me the most during this days is that people were speaking only their mother tongue, so I was understanding nothing and people were grouping together.foto 2 (1)
I have to say I was very lucky with my roommates: One was from Costa Rica and the other, even if Brazilian, wasn’t spending much time with her compatriots. Continue reading