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In this page you can find all the articles about the documents you have to take care once arrived, how settle down at best and on how complete your educational credits.

How to pay the taxes

Ehy everybody,
today I am gonna tell you how I paid my taxes and I am gonna post the pictures of the papers I have filled in.
Remember that you have to pay the taxes for the previous year. So, from when you arrived to the 31st of December. The file you need to download is the 1040NR-EZ. (more…)

Weekend class in Silver Bay

From the 20th to the 22nd of March I went to Silver Bay for a weekend class in order to complete my credits.
I left with other 3 friends from Mountain Top, so we shared all the expenses and we had company for the all weekend.
We walked into the hall, we got our keys, the badges and we signed up for the classes. We just stopped in the room to leave our backpacks and then we went to dinner. The food was really good and there were also a lot of veggies.
After dinner there was a short introduction to the campus and its rules.

foto (4) (more…)

Rear-end with right

I know it’s been a long time, but before writing an article about it i wanted everthing to be over in order to tell you every detail .IMG_1519
About three/four months ago I had a car accident. I stopped on a highway ramp and a 17 year old rear-ended me.
So I was completly in the right.
I immediatly called my hd, I told him what happened and asked what I should have done .
He told me to take a picture of the driving license of the girl who was driving and her insurance. In the meanwhile, he joined me to see that everything was ok. (more…)

5 Ways to find New Friends during your year as an au pair

Some of the major questions for those who wants to apply as au pair are:
Will I be forever alone? What can I do to find new friends? I can’t go into a pub and say: “ehy what’s up I am searching new friends!” I would also like to meet someone, other than au pair, to learn more about the language and the American culture, but where can I find this “someone”?2263919

Today I wanna share with you all the ways I know to meet new people and, if you know any others please let me know by commenting below! (more…)

Au Pair Salary: Tips on how to manage it to have a year without regrets

Today I wanna talk about the au pair salary, since one of the first questions we asked ourselves, and I asked myself, is: but 197,50$ per week are enough?

Of course if we were earning more it would be better, but anyway any amount would be good to complain. So let’s see how to manage our weekly pocket money to achieve all our goals without problems!pubblicazione1 (more…)

Enroll in College as Au Pair

Today I want to explain the process I had to follow to be enrolled in the college.
As you know every au pair as to complete 6 credits during her year by following some classes.
You can go to the college or follow some weekend classes. I’ve decided to spend more money, but follow a serious class that hopefully will add more value to my resume in the future.
Having worked in Italy for three years first as a secretary and second as accountant, I’ve decided to follow accounting.

First of all I had to choose my school and I picked a community college, near home, that by the way is more economic than a private collage.
Since I’m not a resident, the amount I have to pay for each credit is the highest one, which is 411$foto 2


Most useful APP for an Au Pair

Since technology is part of our everyday life, the purpose of this post is to write something about this topic to be in line with the times. We are going to tell you what us are for us the most useful app for an au pair. (more…)

How much does taking the driving license in the USA cost?

Today we want to make a single list, of how much taking a driving license in the most important USA States costs. The prices are based on other au pairs experiences:l_eiveteransdriverslicensex1200
Alabama $28
California: 35$
Colorado: 21$
Connecticut: 72$ for the driving license and 40$ for the taxes. Moreover if you don’t already have an American, French or German driving license you have to pay 200$ for a tax to take the exam
Florida: 49$ (more…)

Shipping a package from the States

After telling you how to ship a package to the States, today we want to tell you how to do the opposite, which is shipping a package from the States. During your au pair life you might want to ship a gift back home for Christmas or a birthday, or even your clothes because due to the excessive shopping your luggage aren’t enough! Let’s see together which methods we could use:

    1. The American postal service (USPS). The price depends on weight (be aware usps_logo (2) it is calculated in pounds!), dimensions and value of the declared objects inside the package. With this link you can see the prices for your country. Like said before, you have to write the package’s value and after choose the dimensions. You can decide to pay according to shape and weight, or by picking a “Flat rate service”, which is a standard price based on the dimensions.
      Once at the post office they will give you a form to fill in with: (more…)

Initial Difficulties

Here is the second most voted topic on which you want more in-depth analysis: our initial difficulties and how we related with the family.

As you probably now all know I take care of two kids whose age is 5 and 8 years old.
Once arrived in the family, my initial difficulties were getting used to the routine and understand what the kids can or can’t do.kid
With the help of their previous au pair, the routine was easy to understand and, since I’m a very schematic person, I wrote down a weekly schedule with all the things or activities they have to do each day. I have to admit that time to time I forgot something anyway (one day I forgot to pack them the snacks), but it is true that people learn from their mistakes, so in one week I perfectly learnt everything. Moreover after a couple of times that I was getting out of the house without being ready, I  adjusted to my family schedule.