In this page you can find all the things you didn’t know about America.

The truth behind the life of an expat

Since I moved to the States I’ve heard many people telling me how much they were jealous of me. That they wished they had the same opportunity because the world is beautiful and how I was able to do that.
Well I believe that the perfect word is sacrifice. Traveling and/or living abroad for a long period of time is not as easy as you think.
You need to be ready to do it. It is very tough and it is not only my opinion. Every time I speak with a friend who is living the same kind of experience we agree on the same things.expat-state-of-mind

Here 6 common feelings: (more…)

Silly things people say to me when they discover I am italian

Before coming in the USA I travelled to other countries, but I have never had the chance to socialize too much. Now, because I am living here, I am talking with a lot of people and they, sometimes, tell and/or ask me weird things, that leave me speechless, astonished or make me laugh!YAGpXPd
Here a list of the funniest conversations I had.
Me = me
P = person
Italics = my mind

Me: …Yes I am from Italy and I arrived X months ago.
P: oh wow! So do you speak fluent Italian?
No, no, I don’t. I am an illiterate. I don’t speak proper english, i don’t speak italian…. (more…)

Americans’ Guys

I always wanted to write this article, but because i am a slacker, or maybe just busy, i never did.
Well now i am absolutely in the mood.
So here a description of all the different types of americans. Just to give you an idea of the reality because my expectations were very different. To be clear, the article is just for fun, I am not going to generalize.  Hope nobody gets offended!

Ok, probably we watch too much tv, because i always thought: When i’ll be in america i will be surrounded only by good looking guys!i-am-sexy-and-i-know-it
I have to be really honest, the guy “actor stlye” is more unique than rare.
I went to many different events and places and I’ve practically never seen a guy and thought: wow he is so pretty, the perfect American! And apparently i am not the only one who have seen her expectation going in pieces.
I mean, tastes are tastes but… (more…)

The Elf on the Shelf

Today i wanna tell you a new american tradition that comes very popular during the last years.
I am talking about “The Elf on the Shelf”!Nice Shelf Elf

The story is about Santa’s “scout elves” hidden in people’s homes to watch over events. (more…)

Differences between Italian and American Seaside Towns

After being in Long Beach Island, Susa noticed that there are many differences between the America style of vacation at the beach and the one she always did in Italy. We know some exceptions exist like Ocean City or Atlantic City that are closer to the Italian idea of vacation at the beach. In fact, Marty that have been in the Jersey Shores, confirms that there are similarity with Italy. At the beginning of the shore there is always a bar (very often with music), and the walks that connect the beaches are full of life, both day and night: there are carousels, restaurants of any type and arcades, just like in the realty show Jersey Shore.456x330


5 Super Famous American Foods

The American “diet” is very various because includes dishes from many different countries, especially Italian or Mexican due to the immigration of the early 900. However there are some products or dishes that rarely can be found in other cultures. Below our top 5: (more…)

School Bus

Today we want to write a short article to give you some info about the school buses.foto

Why are they yellow and have a particular esthetic?
The color yellow was picked because it is best color for black words to stand out. Everybody can read “school bus” without any problem. It is also the first color that catches our eyes and since school buses drive even with adverse weather conditions such as, snow, fog, etc it was picked a color that stands out among all the others.
Their particular esthetic was approved by federal laws to distinguish them among all the other types of buses on the territory. (more…)

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Restaurants in America

Today we want to tell you how american restaurants are different than the Italian one.
The first thing we notice when we sit at the table is that 90% of the times there is no table cloth, later on we will get a paper placemat, like the one we find in the dining halls. Very rarely we find the table set with glasses and silverware. However almost all the time, if there are kids with you, you can get drawings to color or small activities they can do with crayons.event_pubexclusive_restaurants_bubba_gump__mall_of_america_69817083 (more…)

Movie theaters in the United States

If you are passionate about movies like Mapu, maybe you are going to find this article interesting!
In the first three weeks in New Jersey she wanted to try three different movie theater in her area and she noticed that there are lots of differences. Susa instead went only a couple of times in a movie theater in the valley.

Movies 1: Bow tie Wayne
All the movies are chains that you can find everywhere in the States, but she had the impression that this movie was like an old countryside movies.
It has only 4 small theaters (long and narrow) and they don’t give you a seat number, like in Italy, but first come, first served. She was really surprised the movie started exactly 10mintues after the time printed on the ticket (and not the half an hour we are used to) and there were no commercials, but only trailers.
Ticket price: 11$Immagine (more…)

The American Breakfast

New nation, new culture and new food! Here you can find a photo gallery of some of the things we found (from the giant family size packages at the supermarket, to the sandwiches at the restaurant), but now we would like to show you how is the American breakfast. We want to underline that every family has its own habits, just like us in Italy, so we can’t generalize, but we want to describe what our host families eat and what you can find at the cafés. In America it is very rare to find a real Italian-style cafè. The majority of the people like to stop in chains like Mc Donald’s, Sunrise Bagel, Dunking Donuts, Starbucks, where half of the menu is reserved for breakfast and includes:

  • Bagels10527643_327654487390117_2543136600787845858_n
  • Muffins
  • Donuts
  • Pancakes
  • Eggs and bacon or ham
  • Toast
  • Waffles
  • Potato Salad
  • Brownies
  • Cup-Cakes
  • Many different kinds of desserts