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How did it end?

If you ever wondered how my au pair adventure ended, today I’m here to tell you everything about it.

If you were following my blog, you probably know that I haven’t posted anything after my 11th month.
In my second year a lot of things changed, I started working more hours and I travelled like never before. Weekends were always busy, if it wasn’t travelling it was hanging out with my friends or spend time with my host family. That resulted in me abandoning my blog.

During my second year I met a lot of new people, americans, but also au pair. (more…)

Eleventh Month: Welcome spring!

The spring finally sprung and I spent a lot of time outside. It was my birthday and I went hiking many times cause here I don’t have, almost, any allergies.
Moreover I passed the driving licence’s theory!10846148_10153922070082178_3356114083329842515_n (more…)


Yesterday, May 12th, was my birthday.


Thanks to those who didn’t forget.

Thanks to those who sent me a text or made a phone call.

Thanks to those who decided to spend a little bit of their free time to celebrate with me.

Thanks for all the gifts. The huge amount of gifts. (more…)

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Tenth Month: Extension Approved!

This month also flew by and a lot of things happened.
Weekends were always busy, finally my extension was approved and I’ve started seen the first results of running.
I also paid my taxes and here you can see how.11179968_984335478252992_7921134976458272598_n (more…)

Ninth Month: Being busy is good

This month I was very busy with college, I had two tests, and the GED, the teacher was keep asking me more things to do. However this month proved that I am building strong friendships.
I also started running. Hope to be back like I was in Italy soon.1422528_962798110406729_7750041429330884108_n

I am very glad that I always had something to do because it wasn’t a really happy month. I mean it wasn’t bad, but all my friends and I were a little bit depressed, all for different reasons, and this influenced also my month. (more…)

Spring Break

My spring break was actually a long time ago, at the beginning of March and very intense. But a lot of things happened and I gave the priority to other articles. Also, recently, my blog wasn’t working!

On monday, finally, my kids and I built the snowman. It was very hard and I was very bad in making snowballs, but my girl was really good, so practically she built the snowman all by herself. My boy and I just fixed all the parts together and added some details. We were supposed to build a huge snowman and in the end it was a tiny teeny snowman, but we had fun. Also, we had a snow-fight!IMG_2940


Random thoughts of an Au Pair

I recently got the impression that my monthly report is not enough to explain the feelings of an au pair. A lot of people keep asking me if it is hard to find friends, how much time I needed to adapt myself to the new life, etc.
Since I came here I experienced a lot of things and emotions. Both positive and negative.tumblr_lbotzpZ8Ec1qdsyuro1_500_thumb
If you wanna be an au pair you should be ready to give the best of you, go over your limits.
And that’s what I did and I am doing! If somebody would have ever told me I would have done all these things, I would have looked at him and said: “dude, are you nuts? This is never gonna happen!(more…)

Eighth Month: New Friends

Well last month i was whining about the lack of au pair and friends in the area. Guess what? this month everything changed!

It was a pretty good month! I am very happy that I met new people and I had a very good time with all my friends.

Everything is great. This month there were many days in which my kids were home from school, but there was no problem at all. Between arts and crafts and playdates we always had a good time. (more…)

Valentine’s day

Of course the post about Valentine’s day cannot be missed, so i will tell you how I spent my day.
I will start telling that here in america, Valentine’s day is a day in which you show your love for everybody, not only your partner like in Italy. Even if i still don’t like Valentine’s day, i think the american version is nicer and we should do the same! Valentine-Day-Art-4
On friday my kids brought at school lots of cards and shared them with their friends. They came back home with tons of sweets and cards.
Saturday was the official day so my hp left for their “lovely weekend” and i stayed home with the kids and my host dad’s mom. (more…)

Seventh Month: A “planning” month

The first half of my experience is over. The email for the extension is arrived and I am now working on it, so i am not close to the end! Also I started thinking on how I can use my second week of vacation…

This month was ok. I mean, it wasn’t one of the best because I felt a little bit lonely. Yep lonely. I realized that it is very hard find real good friends. I know a lot of “random” people, whom I hang out and I have fun with, but it is very hard being part of a group and/or find people you can really count on and have that particular feeling that marks a friendship…alone-vs-lonely