First Steps

In this page you can find all the articles concerning the beginning of our adventure as an Au Pair.
They go from the interview to find out if are suitable for the program, to the departure date.

Au Pair and Tattoos

Here’s a topic that is important for many girls, since 1 out of 4 has, even if small, a tattoo on her body and many are worried that it could be a problem with the host family… therefore the question is: should we say it or not? We are not talking about lying, but simply omitting… We asked this question to tattooed au pairs and are already with a family and they told us their experiences and the advices they have for all future au pairs.1170907_10200923336980335_1423252412_n (more…)

Flag with Inscriptions

Today’s idea came up the day we thought about something we could have carried with us as a memory of our nation and friends.
So what could have included both messages without taking too much space in our luggage? The answer was: a flag with our friends’ inscriptions!10455404_811205368899338_7755597280933428252_n (more…)

Au Pair and Animals: How your experience can change

In this post we want to focus on the relationship au pair/animals. But what animals are we talking about? Well both pets and wild animals! Let’s analyze them together.

Let’s start by underlining that taking care of pets is not an au pair responsibility.animali-bimbi
They can’t force you to walk the dog, clean after it, or stay home with it. If they ask you, unless you are agree with it, they should pay you extra money. Taking care of a pet is a big responsibility and often families have any sort of animal: cats, dogs, fishes, guinea pigs, etc.. So before finalizing any match, make sure you know what responsibilities you have towards the pet in order to have zero surprises once there.
To many au pairs that didn’t ask happened to arrive in the family, and maybe during winter, even while it was snowing, they had to go walk the dog. However that wasn’t just an exception, it was the routine! So we can’t complain. (more…)

13 things to NOT forget to do before leaving

In this list we are going to summarize 13 things that you don’t have to forget to do before leaving:reminder (more…)

Welcome Gifts

The beginning of your au pair adventure starts once landed in America with the exchange of the so called welcome gifts once arrived in the family.
Since the program is a cultural exchange we have to bring the family small gifts that represent our country/culture.foto (2)
It is not always eat pick what to bring:

  1. It doesn’t have to be banned by the customs (es. Kinder eggs)
  2. It doesn’t have to be a product that needs to stay in the refrigerator
  3. It doesn’t have to be hug or heavy


Do you need the medical prescription?

Something that we all know is that the American health system works differently than ours.
There are in fact different “rules” to purchase some products and prices can be very different, influencing our budget plan.
We would like to give you some advices on products we collected information for:

To buy contacts in the USA you can’t simply go to the optician and ask for the lenses we need, you need a medical prescription (that you have to ask the doctor in your home country) and, unlike in Italy, they are really expensive! To avoid this big expense you can get a provision before leaving (and in case youfoto 2 (1) ran out, you can ask a parent to send you some other) or you can go on this website. (more…)

The Relationship with my Host Family

It has been 4 months since I matched with my host family and today I wanna tell you how we kept in touch during this long period.

Some days after the match we Skyped one more time. My host dad sent me some links with info about the city I’m going to live in and for the rest of the call I talked with Sam whom showed me the playroom and then brought me in his room where “we played”.
Later on, my host parents added me on Facebook, and I have to say that right now I’m happy they did it because even if we don’t text every day, we are in touch. Time to time they comment or like some pic or status I post, while I can see how things are going with them, how the kids are, and I do the same.
Once every couple of weeks I text via skype with my host dad, that tells me how they are doing and how is the weather (that because it was -20° and it was snowing a lot). Usually I say that I can’t wait to be there and I tell them some stories about my red cross life and work. (more…)

Easter little gift

As you probably now all know 5 months had to pass before I could move to the States. I started job hunting and I promised myself that if I was going to find something I would have sent another package for Easter. Luckily things went that way. At the beginning of march I started working and a couple of weeks ago I went searching with mapu something for my kids.
The main idea was to find a book about Easter activities, but I found none, or if I did, they were in Italian. I would have loved shipping the original Italian Easter Egg, but unfortunately the American law doesn’t allow that (if you wanna know why you can read our post about the kinder surprise egg), so I went to two bookstores that have some English books and I bought: (more…)

Happy Birthday


Ehy no, today is nobody’s birthday, but maybe before your arrival could happen that one member of your host family turns older.

In this case we might want to send a small gift, but we don’t always have enough money  to pay for a shipping.
So what is nice and particular instead the classic email in which you write: Ehi, Happy Birthday? (more…)

Photos e Video for the Application

Hello future au pairs,
as you might have noticed we didn’t go down into the details about the fields you have to fill in in your AuPairRoom for two reasons: we started this blog once the process was already completed and not all the agencies have the same application process.
AuPairCare requires to update some pictures (at least 10) and a video, so we decided to tell you what our thoughts were , especially because some au pairs that follow our blog usually ask us for advices.
For the photos, we both decided for some pics of us together with kids or our friends, plus some solo pics. Many (especially the ones with kids) are old, but the agency accepts them as long as it is clear that you are in the photo. (more…)