Ljubljana, Radovljica, Bled, Vintgar Gorge

I wanted to visit Slovenia probably since I was 16. It took me about 10 years, but finally I made it. And I’m so happy I did it. I really fell in love. The landscapes are so beautiful, the cities clean, well kept, people are nice (guys are also cute) and food is good. On my way from Predjama to Ljubljana my gps made me do a weird country road, I was scared to get a flat tire, but it was worth it. So much green and so relaxing to drive between all these trees.
It is not the poor country you expect (in fact I paid way more than I had in mind) but, it was worth every cents.
My 4 days tour were a real must and I can only recommend it to everybody.

– Jamska cesta 30, 6230 Postojna
I loved the tour of the caves very much. I first bought a ticket for just the castle and the normal visit of the cave online. But once there I decided to upgrade my ticket and take the three hours tour that included a trekking in the postojna cave, in the black cave and in the Pivka cave. The guide had a very thick accent, but the tour was very interesting and well done. It was 50€, but I’m very happy i took it.
PREDJAMA CASTLE – 6230 Predjama, Slovenia
This is the castle I loved the most during my trip in Slovenia. The audio guide was very well done and super interesting. I think the tour was one hour long and i didn’t have to pay anything because it was included in the ticket of the caves.

What I liked the most about the capital are the streets and its vibe. It is something very complicated to explain, but i loved wandering around every possibile street dowtown because it is just so charming. There are many nice building, flowers everywhere and nice lampposts. The riverside are full of life and nice shops and the river that crosses the city it is simply a must. Also the city itself is very much alive with all the people bike riding and the street artists that play music all the time.
ZMAJISKI MOST (DRAGON BRIDGE) – Resljeva ul., Ljubljana
Maybe it is because I love dragons in general, but this bridge was one of my favorite spots to take pics and also dragon are the symbol of Ljubljana
MESARSKI MOST (BUTCHER’S BRIDGE) – Petkovskovo nabrezje, Ljubljana
STOLNICA SV. NIKOLAJA (CATHEDRAL OF ST NICHOLA) – Dolnicharjeva ulica 1, Ljubljana 1000
CENTRALNA TRZNICA (CENTRAL MARKET) – Pogacarjev trg, 1502 Ljubljana
Apparently the market is very famous and attracts many tourists. However I come from Italy and from a city that is very famous for its markets, so to me it was nothing special, but I can understand why people from other countries would be.
MESTNA HISA (TOWN HALL) – Mestni Trg. 1, Ljubljana
TROMOSTOVJE (TRIPLE BRIDGE) – River Ljubljanica from Presernov trg to the Old Town, Ljubljana
PRESERNOV TRG – 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
This is a very famous church and it is the one that you see in almost in every pics. It is very pretty and I think also really complicated to photograph in a nice way. You can basically see it from everywhere in Ljubljana
Since the library was closed I had to pay 3€ for the entrance. I liked the reading room, but I was expecting something much bigger and the possibility to look at all they old and ancient books.


I made a stop here on my way to Bled’s Lake. It is a very small mountain village, with a nice historic downtown and a nice view on the valley.
Ok, i was there in August, but to me it was impossibile to find a parking and there was a long line to get to the lake, there were millions of cars and people and I have no idea where you are supposed to park and if there was a free one. However i parked on a parking lot right after the roundabout on the right. I paid 8,50€ for about 5 hours. I guess it is a lot, but al least it was stress free because with all that traffic I was starting to go insane.
After parking I walked down to the lake and started with a tour on their tipical boat (Pletna). It was 14€ and included the round trip ride and I had 40min on the island. I really liked it because i had the chance to admire the lake with no stress, look and the amazing color of the water and just enjoying the ride. Once on the Island, I didn’t go inside the church, but i just took a walk up and down and all around to take beautiful picture. Once I was back from the ride I walked all alround the lake to see the island from every perspective.
VINTGAR GORGE – Turistično društvo Gorje, Podhom 80, 4247 Zgornje Gorje
I was already very tired from the long walk around the lake and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go there, but I’m happy I did.The parking is free, but you have to pay to enter the path. I paid 4€. It is actually a very long and stunning path. The nature, the waterfalls, the colors of the
gorge were incredibile and sice i was there at 4,15pm the sun was coming to go down so there was an amzing golden light pearking from the trees. I loved it.
BLED’S CASTLE – Grajska cesta, 4260 Bled, Slovenia
To me this place was a total disappointment and a rip off. I decided to go there at sunset to take picture with a different light and enjoy another visit in a famous castle. First you have to pay the parking and it is 3€ for two hours, then you go up to the entrance and you have to pay again. I paid 7€ and that would be ok if there was actually a tour and something to see. The entire place is turned into a money machine. Basically there are just a couple of areas that you can access, no audioguide, no flyer and no guide and every area is a shop that sell useless tourist stuff. So you pay all this money to just access some shops where you have to pay again if you want something. So jusy money money and money for nothing. The only very pretty thing was the view on the lake and on the valley. That I really loved. People at the bar also were not very nice, You could access the castel until 9,00pm. At 7,00pm I decided to eat their local dessert (Kremsnite) and have an espresso. Apparently the bar was closing already and were not able to make a coffee for me…

This last day I got out of my apt pretty late and I decided to see the last few attactions, take another walk in the capital amazing streets and then at night see the city lights.
MESTNI TIVOLI PARK – Celovska cesta 25, 1000 Ljubljana
METELKOVA MESTO – Metelkova ulica 10, 1000 Ljubljana
I liked this art spot. To me it was a mixture between philly magic garden and randyland. Two places I actually really enjoyed and so I did with this one.
LJUBLJANSKI GRAD (LJUBLJANA CASTLE) – Grajska planota 1, 1000 Ljubljana
Late afternoon I walked my way up to this castle that did not impress me. The courtyard was actually free and that is just what I did includind a walk around the castle to look at the skyline. This place in my opinion was very similiar to Bled’s castle and since I did not want to pay and then be disappointed I just avoided it.

I liked basically all the places I have been.
JULIJA – Stari trg 9, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
I went there to have local food and everything was really good. Also the waiter was very polite and helped me a lot in my choice. I had Kraški pršut which is prosciutto from a particual region of slovenia, cheese and olives and Zlikrofi that are Sloveninan ravioli filled with onions and potates in a sauce of pancetta and porcini.
VIGO’ – Mačkova ulica 2, 1000 Ljubljana
Very good ice cream at a resonable price, it tasted good and was right downtown.
ORGANIC GARDEN – Ciril-Metodov trg 11, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
I had to have my vegan meal and I wasn’t able to find many vegan places but this one was actually great. Food was good, affordable and in one of Ljubljana wonderful streets.
KAVARNA CACAO – Petkovškovo nabrežje 3, 1000 Ljubljana
This is the only place I didn’t like. To me a total rip off. I paid 5€ for a two scoops of icecream. I also found the menu very confusing and I think it is done on purpose to trick tourists. If I knew that before I woul have avoided it. With what i paid I could have had two and a half ice creams at Vigò.

I had and AIRBNB near Tivoli park. It was perfect because there was a place to park my car and it was away from the traffic and downtown was only 10min walk. The host was super nice and helpful. The place can be improved, but overall I was satisfied with it.

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