To celebrate Martina’s birthday we took a weekend getaway in Verona. The city has always been described by everyone as very pretty and romantic, but even if not too far away from our hometown we have never been there.
The city is quite small, but really nice and a weekend is enough to tour all the most important attractions.
We bought the Verona Card and I think it was really worth it.

Below our itinerary:

PALAZZO DELLA GRAN GUARDIA – Piazza Bra – 37122 Verona (VR)
PALAZZO BARBIERI – 1 Piazza Brà – 37121 Verona (VR)
It is the town hall and it is an imposing neoclassical building.
ANFITEATRO ROMANO – L’ARENA DI VERONA Piazza Bra’ 28, 37121, Verona, Italia
The square is very beautiful and in the middle there is a garden with a big fountain.
The liston is a large sidewalk, next to the square, full of shops, restaurants and historical cafés.
The Arena is very nice from the outside, but the inside tour is definitely not worth it. We had it included in the Verona Card, but if you have to purchase your ticket, we advise you to not do so. It very expensive and you see nothing.
We watched the two palaces only from outside, but they were very impressive either way.
Verona’s shopping street.
A street full of shops, bookstores, coffe and ice cream shops.
ARSENALE – Piazza Arsenale 5 – 37126 Verona (VR)
ARCO DEI GAVI – Corso Cavour 2 – 37121 Verona (VR)
PORTA DEI BORSARI – Corso Porta Borsari – 37121 Verona (VR)
The Roman architecture’s arch was erected outside of the walls, while porta dei borsari is the main entrance.
LE CASE DEI MAZZANTI – Via Mazzanti 6 – 37121 Verona (VR)
Domus mercatorum is a beautiful brick building, once home of the merchant corporations. Today is the headquarter of the popular bank of Verona. On the other side of the street, the frescoes on the Mazzanti’s houses are still very visible
Torre del Gardello’s clock is the oldest in Verona. The gothic tabernacle and the fountain of Madonna Verona are also very beautiful, both located in the square as well.
LOGGIA DEL CONSIGLIO – – Piazza Dei Signori 5 – 37121 Verona (VR)
LOGGIA DI FRA’ GIOCONDO – Piazza Dei Signori 5 – 37121 Verona (VR)
The square is small, but very beautiful. It is surrounded by the all above listed palaces and Dante’s statue stands in the center.
PALAZZO DEL COMUNE – Cortile del Mercato Vecchio – 37121 Verona (VR)
The palace is partly Romanesque and partly Renaissance, but the interesting part is the courtyard, not only because of the Romanesque arches, but esepecially thanks to the Gothic-style marble staircase of the “Ragione”
TORRE DEI LAMBERTI – Via della Costa, 1 – 37121 Verona (VR)
With 368 stairs it is 84m high, however the climb is worth it because once at the top, you can have a beautiful 360° view of the city.
The ticket was included in the Verona card, but with an extra 1€ you can take the elevator.
ARCHE SCALIGERE – Via Arche Scaligere – 37121 Verona (VR)
They are one of the most prestigious monuments and they were the tombs of Della Scala, lords of Verona from 1260 to 1387.
The entrance was included in the Verona card, but you can also see them very well from outside. The handmade work on these tombs is really beautiful and all the details are gorgeous.
LA CASA DI ROMEO MONTECCHI – Via Arche Scaligere n.4-2.
CASA DI GIULIETTA – Via Cappello, 23 – 37121 Verona (VR)
The ticket is included in the Verona Card and even though the house is basically empty it was very interesting touring the building.
In some rooms there are elements that refer to Shakespeare’s story and you can also take some photos on Juliet’s famous balcony. When we were there, only the courtyard was very crowded, because everyone was in line to touch Juliet’s statue. However the original one is inside the house and no one was there.
CHIESA DI SANTA ANASTASIA – Piazza Sant’Anastasia – 37121 Verona (VR)
IL DUOMO – Piazza Duomo 21 – 37121 Verona (VR)
Between the two churches, Santa Anastasia’s one was my favorite. Its grandeur and its décor in the inside are something magnificent.
PONTE PIETRA – Via Ponte di Pietra – 37129 Verona (VR)
We went there at sunset and the place offers the best view of the city.
To get there you have to climb the stairs that start from Piazzale Castel San Pietro, and after 10 minutes you get to the top.

PONTE SCALIGERO – Corso Castelvecchio 2 – 37121 Verona (VR)
The castle is very beautiful and in the course of history, it has been damaged several times by the various wars. Fortunately it has been repeatedly restored and today we can admire it in all its beauty.
Very nice the walk on the red merlot bridge.
TOMBA DI GIULIETTA – Via Luigi da Porto 5, all’interno del Museo degli Affreschi Cavalcaselle – 37121 Verona (VR)
We took a while to find it because it is kind of far from the center and there are practically no tourists as well as very few signs.
The ticket was included in the Verona card, so we visited first the museum and then we arrived at the tomb. Juliet was never buried there, but the tomb is a pilgrimage site for the people passionate by the story. We personally found it interesting.
TEATRO ROMANO – Via Regaste Redentore 2 – 37121 Verona (VR)
It is another of the most beautiful Roman buildings in Verona and it is included in the Verona Card. From the Roman Theater, with an elevator, you can reach San Gerolamo’s convent. Inside there is an interesting archaeological museum about the theater and the city’s view is awesome.
GIARDINO GIUSTI – Via Giardino Giusti 2 – 37129 Verona (VR)
Unfortunately we didn’t have time to visit it, but it is famous for being one of the most beautiful Italian’s garden and it embellishes the Giusti Palace.

ELK BAKERY – Via Quattro Novembre 1/a – 37126 Verona (VR)
We stopped for a brunch and all the food was great. They offer very interesting and filling food options. The restaurant is very small, but very cozy.
TRATTORIA PANE E VINO– Via Garibaldi, 16/a 37121 Verona VR
Here we had our typical Veronese dinner.
The main dish was risotto all’amarone (a wine), but even appetizers and desserts are superb. Everything was accompanied by a good bottle of wine and the prices were honest

AT MY HOME B&B – Via Cefalonia 9, 37126 Verona (VR)
It is an apartment with 3 bedrooms for a couple of people each. The apartment is modern and minimalist, but has everything you need and it is clean. Breakfast was included and we enjoyed it.
It is located in a residential area 10min from the center. Highly recommended.

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