Zurich + Maienfeld + The Bernina Train Ride (from Chur to Tirano via Saint Moritz)

For my date second time in Europe we organized to go to Switzerland. We both wanted to do the Bernina Train ride so bad and since it is not too far from Turin we planned three vacation days.
We did everything by train because we wanted to enjoy the landscapes as much as we could and I asked “Il girasole viaggi” to do a package for me because booking online was becoming too difficult and expensive. The package (500€) included everything except the night in Zurich that I Booked by myself. We went from Wednesday to Friday, in May.


DAY 1 – Zurich
In the morning we left from Turin and changed train in Milan.
Once in Zurich we withdrawal some money and dropped our bag in our room.
We spent the afertnoon touring the city. It is quite small, but really lovely. The part I loved the most was walking along the lake, it was sunny and the sky was clear. We also bought a daily pass for the public transportation and was 8 CHF.
NIEDERDORF – Niederdorfstrasse 8001 Zürich
LIMMATQUAI – Limmatquai 8001 Zürich
Two pedestrian areas full of history, stores and nightlife
GROSSMUNSTER – Grossmünsterplatz 8001 Zürich
CHAGALL GLASS WINDOWS – Stadthausquai 19 8001 Zürich
ST. PETER KIRCHE – St. Peter Hofstatt 8001 Zürich
These are the most famous churches in Zürich. They are all beautiful and all special for a reason. The Grossmünster is Zurich’s symbol, Marc Chagall glass windows are famous all over the world, and at the St. Peter Kirche has Europe biggest quadrant.
BURKLIPLATZ – Bürkliplatz 8001 Zürich
LINDENHOF – Lindenhof 8001 Zürich
SCHIPFE – Schipfe 8001 Zürich
They all are a nice sightseeing
BAHNHOFSTRASSE – Bahnhofstrasse 8001 Zürich
Bahnofstrasse is the street with all the most important high fashion stores, lots of restaurant and art. This street is connected to Zurich’s famous financial square, famous all over the world.
CABARNET VOLTAIRE – Spiegelgasse 1 18001 Zürich
Here is where the Dadaism was born, when visiting this cabaret you really have the feeling to be back in the past and you just start imagining artist gathering there.
TONHALLE – Claridenstrasse 7 8002 Zürich
It is famous all over the world to among the concerts halls with the best acoustic. Since it was open we went inside to take a pic and it actually looks glorious and chic. I wish I had the chance to actually listen to a concert.
OPERNHAUS – Falkenstrasse 1 · 8008 Zurich

DAY 2 – Zurich, Maienfeld, Chur
In the morning we went to see Zurich skyline and then before end our day in chur we stopped at Maienfeld.
ETH’S RESTAURANT – Rämistrasse 101 – 8092 Zurigo
According to a friends that lives in Zurich this is the best place to look at the Skyline. Since it is a restaurant, unless you want to eat as well, don’t go during meals hours. We took the train, that has a stop right in front of the University and then we asked for directions. It is opened to everybody and it is at the last floor of the building.
HEIDI – Maienfeld
The only reason I wanted to go to Maienfeld was because it is the place where Heidi’s writer took inspiration and you can see the original village plus a reconstruction of Heidi’s house. The original one is too far up the mountain and you need way more than few hours to reach it.
I grew up with Heidi. I had the movie and I watched all the episodes on tv over and over again. So because it was along the day I dragged my date with me. Heidi is not famous in America, but in the end Maienfeld happened to be his favorite place in Switzerland. So it was a win win!
We took the train at Zurich station, but before we asked at the information center where we had to change train.
Once arrived we went to the local info point and asked for a map.
It is a very easy path because there are lots of signs along the way and the whole trail takes you about 2 hours. From the village the view is amazing and all around it is very quiet.
Near dinner time we took the train and in 5 minutes we arrived at chur. There is only one main street and while walking our way up to the hotel basically saw all downtown.
It is a new looking town and there aren’t lots of people around. The receptionist told us that it is because it most lived during winter time by people that go skiing or snowboarding.

DAY 3 Chur, Saint Moritz
It was finally time for our BERNINA TRAIN RIDE! We had a good weather so we fully enjoyed our ride.
The first part of the itinerary was from Chur to Saint Moritz.
There we had about three hours to tour the city. To be fair I had high expectation about saint Moritz because it is the most common stop for the Bernina ride, but it was very disappointing. Everything was basically closed and the town looked stuck in time. Like the 40s or 50s. We don’t know if it is like Chur, that is more active in winter, but surely was boring and felt abandoned.
Therefore we came back earlier to the train station for the second part of the itinerary: Saint Moritz – Tirano.
The whole Bernina ride was amazing. All the views and the landscapes were incredibly pretty and no wonder why they are part of the UNESCO.
We travelled across mountains covered with lots of snow to arrive in the valley that was all green with beautiful yellow flowers all over.
Such a beautiful journey.
Late afternoon we took the train that from Tirano would have bring us back to Turin.

ZURICH – Apartment Swiss Star
It is a pity because the room was clean and the bed very comfy, but we had awful problems with the check in. All the comments said that you need a code since there is no reception and many people happened to have a not working code. I asked about 4 times to make sure the code was correct. Well, the code was wrong. I got so lucky that my date was able to make an international phone call and we managed to get a new working one. But to me that is unacceptable. I sent lots of email and I don’t have to use my whole salary to pay an expensive phone bills because they are unable to submit the right code. Because of that we also lost a couple of hours.
The apartment is very far away if you walk, but with line 3 you are there easily
CHUR – Post Hotel
We really liked it. The receptionist was very nice, the room was clean and cozy and I loved the big pillows.
Breakfast was also pretty good.

Switzerland is famous for raclette and Fondue Bourguignonne.
We had dinner in Zurich at Swiss Chuchi because the reviews seemed pretty good. It is clearly pricy, but every place in Zurich is.


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