In occasion of my date’s first visit in Italy, other than Turin, I wanted to bring him to one of the most famous and charming city in Italy, Venice. I went there once when I was probably 13yo, and basically all my memories faded, so since Venice is known to be a very romantic city I thought it would have been the perfect destination.

Venice is a city in northeastern Italy and the capital of the Veneto region. Parts of Venice are renowned for the beauty of their settings, their architecture, and artwork. The lagoon and a part of the city are listed as a World Heritage Site.
The Republic of Venice was a major financial and maritime power, as well as a very important center of commerce (especially silk, grain, and spice) and art (it was also the birthplace of Antonio Vivaldi). The City State of Venice is considered to have been the first real international financial center. This made Venice a wealthy city throughout most of its history.
Venice has been ranked the most beautiful city in the world as of 2016. The city is facing some major challenges however, including financial difficulties, erosion, subsidence and an excessive number of tourists in peak periods

It was a long weekend, from the 30th of October to the 1st of November. We left Turin Sunday morning and we came back Tuesday evening.

Thanks to an offer on I booked a room in an old palace, especially because my date, coming from the States, was intrigued by these old buildings. Here the link.
The place was really pretty, quiet and clean and the service was amazing. We had breakfast included, therefore we ate a lot and we didn’t need to eat lunch. Food was really good too.

We arrived around lunch time and after the check in we started wandering around Venice’s Alleys to get to the first attractions.
PONTE DI RIALTO – Ruga degli Orefici – 30125 Venezia (VE)
BASILICA DI SAN MARCO – Piazza San Marco, 328 – 30124 Venezia (VE)
Even tho I booked the entrance online to avoid the line, I honestly found it pretty disappointing. The Cathedral is beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but when inside all the most interesting areas need to be paid extra. So the only thing we did was buying the ticket to have access to the roof that had a nice view on Piazza San Marco.
CAMPANILE DI SAN MARCO – Piazza San Marco – 30124 Venezia (VE)
We didn’t go because at that time it was closed to the public for unknow reasons, but even in this case you can buy the ticket online 

Visit the islands is a must do, and my date loves boats and water, so I had to book it.
We both really enjoyed the tour, we had enough time to take a walk around each island.
The glass show in Murano was really nice, Burano was my favorite island due to all the colors and he loved Torcello because of its ancient vibes. We had a morning tour because in fall the sun sets too early and I wanted to have light. Here the link
PALAZZO DUCALE – Piazza San Marco 1 – 30124 Venezia (VE) – You can buy the ticket at the entrance, keep in mind the line is quite long.
These two attractions are together. You can see ponte dei sospiri also from the outside, but since it is connected to Palazzo Ducale’s prisons, we also walked through it.
Visiting Palazzo Ducale was enjoyable, the rooms, walls and ceilings are something stunning and we both loved the whole tour.

BASILICA DEI FRARI – San Polo, 3072, 30125 Venezia
SCUOLA GRANDE DI SAN ROCCO – Campo San Rocco, 3052, 30125 San Polo, Venezia VE
The School was part of our itinerary, but once we got there, we watched it only from the outside, because my date rather wandering around venice before leaving in the afternoon, especially because the weather was nice.
CASINO’ DI VENEZIA – Palazzo Vendramin – 30121 Venezia (VE)

BIRRAIA LA CORTE – Campo San Polo 2168, 30125 Venezia.
It is a pizza place and prices are good. We ordered a seafood salad as appetizer and then pizza. All the food was good and not a tourist trap.

p.s. Venice is famous for its high tide periods, so before travelling, make sure to check it is the right season or you might find Piazza San Marco completely submerged!

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