Eleventh Month: Welcome spring!

The spring finally sprung and I spent a lot of time outside. It was my birthday and I went hiking many times cause here I don’t have, almost, any allergies.
Moreover I passed the driving licence’s theory!10846148_10153922070082178_3356114083329842515_n

It was such a fast month that I didn’t have time to get bored! Finally college is finished and my final grade, of course, is an A. I’m very happy about that cause I put a lot of efforts and money in it.
I got a tattoo in America that reminds me about America. I think the artist did a very good job. Another dream came true!11010550_989065557779984_1427967091576504934_n

Everything is good and nothing really changed since last month. With my kids everything is still work in progress.

I’m still working on the same things. Nothing changed.

The 3rd there was the Kentucky derby party at my house! It was very nice cause a lot of people came. There were a lot of food and drinks! At night I went to my first fire of the year with my friends! It was, as usual a nice time, telling stories, drinking, etc!11151038_1051562118191252_1753058325440633233_n
The 9th was a busy day! In the morning I went with my host family to see a ballet in Philly. We stopped at the Greek restaurant for lunch and then we went to see the show. Amazing as usual! At night there was a sort of party at S.’s place for my birthday. I had a lot of fun and I got so many presents. We played Pictionary and we drank a lot!1471136_993732630646610_8617982800664313933_n
The 10th we went hiking to the Pa’s Grand Canyon. It was amazing! The weather was perfect and the views and the trails awesome! I drove for 5 hours but it was definitely worth it.

The 12th was my birthday and I’ve been rear ended again… but I had a nice dinner at home with my host family.
The 14th I went to see the sunset with my American friends and it was very cool! The hike seemed endless. At a certain point I thought I was going to die there. But I arrived on the top and it was just amazing!
The 17th I went to the lake in Dallas with T. e C.. S. arrived at the end of the day. It was nice just eating craps and talking. A relaxing afternoon in the nature.

To end the month the 24th I went to the color me rad in Scranton with my boy and the other au pairs. But actually we lost the group so it was just us. He had so much fun and later when we found the rest of the group we went to a diner for lunch and we ate soooo much fat food!! Ahah the portions were huge!11295593_996809933672213_1465909594841418077_n

I didn’t do any weekend gataway, but I went hiking many times so that was enough!

I actually didn’t buy anything this month and I saved a lot cause I still have some vacation days and I’m planning to do something big, plus in September I have to pay for my college.

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