Ninth Month: Being busy is good

This month I was very busy with college, I had two tests, and the GED, the teacher was keep asking me more things to do. However this month proved that I am building strong friendships.
I also started running. Hope to be back like I was in Italy soon.1422528_962798110406729_7750041429330884108_n

I am very glad that I always had something to do because it wasn’t a really happy month. I mean it wasn’t bad, but all my friends and I were a little bit depressed, all for different reasons, and this influenced also my month.

Anyway, let’s talk about something positive. I received one of the best compliment of my life. C., R.’s girlfriend told me: “I admire the way you are. You are so fearless and you left everything to come living here and have new experiences. I like the way you have fun and you are always willing to try new things. Sometimes i would like to be like you”
She is always shy and I rarely see her, so the fact that she said that, meant a lot for me.
Also H. me put me in a chat group with other Americans and when I read his text I was dying for the happiness. He really made my day and also the last few weeks. Yeah, I don’t need big things to be happy!foto 2

They are always cool and I wanna share two things with you. First of all I am so proud of my kids because, right now, they go pretty much every night to wash their hands, before eating, all by themselves without remainders. I am so happy that they learnt how much personal hygiene is important. Now, my next goal is to see them seating at the table like adults. I hope to give you some good news in the next months!
The second thing is that I am really happy to be part of this family and every time my girl draw a picture about her family there are always 5 people and one of them is me. This really makes me feel so happy. She doesn’t even know how much.foto 1 (3)

I am still trying to improve and now that I can understand pretty much everything, I am working more on the grammar. I am trying to pay more attention when I am writing and learn more phrasal verbs and common sentences.

From the 28th to the 1st I was in Baltimore and immediatly after the spring break started. It wasn’t an hard working week!11069435_962146227138584_8402403917016105519_n

The 13th I went with T and S in a pub to celebrate S.’s first year in the united states. We went in a pub with low cost drinks and I drank a lot of vodka cranberry!
The 14 there was the San patricks’s day parade in Scranton. It was a little bit boring actually and very cold and wet. I guess that all the fault belongs to the weather because a lot of people said that last year was better and actually there were very few people celebrating on the streets.

The 15th I went to Long Island and we were 8, a big group. It was an a-ok day. Yes only an a-ok because the girl, who was supposed to be our guide for the day, stood us up. So we end up cruising in flushing which is not my ideal day. I can spend a couple of hours in chinatown, but not an entire day in chinese malls.11070173_963264877026719_2931349849563793175_n
However I had fun during the travel and the food we ate was really good. For lunch we went to a persian restaurant. The portions were big and the food really good. It was also pretty affordable and included there were appetizers and tea. For dinner we ate in flushing some cheap chinese food. I normally like chinese food so I liked it also this time.

From the 20th to the 22th i went to Silver bay for my weekend class.

This month i went to Baltimore and I had a very good time. The weekend gataway was very cheap, I met a new friend and i did my first couchsurfing experience.
Also I went to Long Island and Silver bay if we want to consider them some additional travels

I used most of my money in travels and drinks.
I bought my running shoes at wal-mart for 15$ and a pair of sandals at Marshall for 20$
Last but not least, I booked my flight for Chicago for 400$

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