Weekend class in Silver Bay

From the 20th to the 22nd of March I went to Silver Bay for a weekend class in order to complete my credits.
I left with other 3 friends from Mountain Top, so we shared all the expenses and we had company for the all weekend.
We walked into the hall, we got our keys, the badges and we signed up for the classes. We just stopped in the room to leave our backpacks and then we went to dinner. The food was really good and there were also a lot of veggies.
After dinner there was a short introduction to the campus and its rules.

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Saturday started with a huge breakfast and my first class was: Write on! Proper writing skills and techniques. It was a really useless class. They gave us a piece of paper and said: write a story. After one hour somebody had the opportunity to read his story in front of the rest of the class then it was over. I was really disappointed because I hoped for something better.
After I had Zentangle: Drawing for relaxation. They gave us a paper with some patterns and asked us to copy some of them. As a conclusion, we had to make our own. It was less boring than the one about writing.

During lunch break I met again with my friends and we had a big meal together.
The class immediately after was Campfire Cooking for children. It wasn’t the best time because everybody was still full from lunch. Also we didn’t go camping. We were inside a building with a fireplace. The guy from the stuff brought a lot of food and said: This is the food, this is the fireplace. Cook. I thought he was going to teach us something, but it didn’t happen. Something I learnt was from a swiss girl. She told us a fancy way to make bananas stuffed with chocolate and then roast them on the embers. However  something I enjoyed about the class were the horror stories about Silverbay that the guy told us. They were actually funny and interesting.


it was very cold and windy

The class ended very early so my friends and I at 3.00pm were all in bed taking a nap. We slept until dinner and then, after our big dinner, I went to the last class of the day which was American Social Life. This was actually the best class I took that weekend. The topics and the discussions were very interesting and captivating. Moreover the teacher was very funny!
To end the night there was a short show and the staff turned the music on, so we had about one hour of “disco” to enjoy. Especially because after the long nap we were completely full of energy! 🙂

On Sunday we had a big breakfast and then we went, all together, to the Native American Pictographs class. The guy told us a little bit of history about pictographs and then asked us to write a story with them.
The last class of the weekend was How to travel the USA on Au Pair Tours. There was one of the owner of Au pair Adventures and she was promoting the tours of the agency. She showed us many pictures and gave us some details about the California’s tour and all the others they sell.
After that, I went to the lobby to take my certificate and then I met all my friends for lunch. Immediately after we left to come back home.

As a conclusion I wanna say that the classes I took were all useless, but I had a very good time with my friends between eating one meal and the next one. We relaxed, gossiped and laughed for the entire weekend. Also the campus was very cool and it was a pity that was so cold outside, otherwise we would have gone for a walk or exploring the area.IMG_3118
The price I paied for the weekend was 295$ and everything was included. I had to make my homework to achive my credits, which in my case were a first essay of 2000 words about me, my city, my host family, etc. and a second one regarding a traditional food that is important for me. Here the website in case you wanna sign up for the same weekend.

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