Spring Break

My spring break was actually a long time ago, at the beginning of March and very intense. But a lot of things happened and I gave the priority to other articles. Also, recently, my blog wasn’t working!

On monday, finally, my kids and I built the snowman. It was very hard and I was very bad in making snowballs, but my girl was really good, so practically she built the snowman all by herself. My boy and I just fixed all the parts together and added some details. We were supposed to build a huge snowman and in the end it was a tiny teeny snowman, but we had fun. Also, we had a snow-fight!IMG_2940

On tuesday we went to see the hibachi show! It was really good, even if the chef was a little bit passive, but the food was awesome. After we went to the bounce house. I hate that place, because it is so boring! This time I actually brought a book (my hm suggestion) and I read some crappy posts on fb too.

On Wednesday we drove all the way down to the Ikea close to philly! We had an amazing low cost lunch with swedish meatballs. It was like in Italy. Apparently, Ikea is the same all over the world. Then my host mom and I left the kids in the play area and we took a tour! I love Ikea! I really do! When I am at Ikea I would like to have my own house.

On Thursday I brought my kids at S.’ house for a playdate. They had a lot of fun and played the entire afternoon, plus we watched a movie after lunch.

On Friday’s afternoon I brought my kids to play bowling and then i got ready to go with a lot of friends to Scranton for the First Friday.
It was an awesome night and I had soooo much fun. We went in a nice pub and we had dinner there. The food was really really good! Then we moved to see some exhibitions, but we were a little bit late, so we ended up doing some bar hopping! In every pub the groups got bigger and we spent so much time gossiping and talking.
To end the night we went to Mulligan’s to play pool! We waited forever to get the table, but in the meanwhile everybody was dancing and drinking (i wasn’t in the mood for drinking) and i laught a lot! If I think at that night I’m still smiling.
In the end, we played pool and we had a really good time, because nobody was really good!

On saturday I went to the ballet in Philly with my host mom, LS and my host mom’s nurse. It was an awesome day! I will remember it for the rest of my life.IMG_2981
We arrived at the parking lot and we left the car there. I really mean it! The guy went to pick up our key and parked the car. Then we walked to the greek restaurant which was sooo fancy! The atmosphear was so warm and chic. Everything was painted with bright colors and woods. So pretty. Moreover the food was really really good! I hadn’t the sensation to explode once the lunch was over, I was absolutely fine, just full.
After we went to the theater to see the Swan Lake. Our seats were very close to the stage and the orchestra. The music was beautiful and all the dances were fantastic. People were dancing so lightly, like they were flying, so smoothly, so gentle. The theather was probably the coolest theater I have ever been. I went different times to the theater in Italy, because I love it, but not for a show like this and in place that fancy.
When we went to pick up the car the guy brought it just in front of us and he opened the door for me. I was going to open it by myself but he was too fast and I wasn’t expecting it. I was: oh, thank you, but really, you don’t have to!IMG_2983 - Copia
Once home i went out with some friends. We went in a pub for a drink and to listen to some nice live music. It was really good. The voices of the bands and the quality of the music were absolutely great!

On Sunday I went snowboarding with R. H was sick! It was such a pity that he couldn’t make it! I’m so sure he would have enjoyed it and i am pretty sure he really wanted to come.
So well I snowboarded the whole day with R and we did many different trails on the same terrain. We were experts at the end of the day! Lol!
Btw I have to say that we talked a lot, i was so surprised because R is always very shy, but we had so many great conversations and I’ll be sorry when he will leave to travel to europe and then all the way up in Maine. Maybe I will have an excuse to travel and come seeing him! Even if i don’t see him very often he is a nice guy!
Also that was the last time I went snowboarding this year. In a certain way I am sad, because when I snowboard i feel free and happy. On the other side, I can’t wait for the spring. I am absolutely done with this weather.IMG_2998
Well, this was my spring break week. Hope you guys had a nice spring break too!

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