Silly things people say to me when they discover I am italian

Before coming in the USA I travelled to other countries, but I have never had the chance to socialize too much. Now, because I am living here, I am talking with a lot of people and they, sometimes, tell and/or ask me weird things, that leave me speechless, astonished or make me laugh!YAGpXPd
Here a list of the funniest conversations I had.
Me = me
P = person
Italics = my mind

Me: …Yes I am from Italy and I arrived X months ago.
P: oh wow! So do you speak fluent Italian?
No, no, I don’t. I am an illiterate. I don’t speak proper english, i don’t speak italian….

Me: ….I am Italian…
P: oh so I bet you went to this Italian restaurant and that one and how about that…
What make you think that I went in all the Italian restaurant of the city?

P: how do you write in Italy?
Me: ??
P: what does your alphabet looks like? Is it like our?
Me: ….yes..
P: oh so it is not all particular with ideograms..
Actually Italian is a neolatin language, like Spanish and French….alfa2

Me: …I am from Italy…
P: oh that’s cool Italy is amazing!!
Me: have you ever been there??
P: no

Me: …I am from Italy…
P: that’s very cool! Which city?
Me: Turin
P: I have no idea where it is but I know Rome and Sicily is cool too
I don’t get the connection…

Me: …I am Italian…
P: oh I like chicken Parmesan or fettuccine Alfredo or meatballs
Me: that’s not Italian… That’s Italian-American
What a shame….

Me: …I am from Italy…
P: cool! and why are you here?
Me: I wanna study English, live the culture and I love travelling.
P: oh yes I love travelling too!!
Me: where have you been?
P: just Philly, New York and once in Colorado
Me: I see…
You are, for sure, gonna be my future travel buddy…

Me: I am Italian…
P: ehy! I am half Italian too!
Me: Really??
P: yes! The uncle of my mom has a sister that has a cousin whose dad had a grandma who was an immigrate in the 1980…
Me: I get it…nice!
-.-‘ I See the italian blood in your veins…

Me: I am Italian…
P: do you like our pizza?
Me: Well….. it is different…..
Actually nope, but does it matter?

Me: …I am Italian…
P: I know that you Italians use a lot of hand gestures. Is it true?
Me: yep it is!
P: I knew it! You always do that when you speak!cZSVhBv
Ehm… Actually not really… There are many different signs for many different situations…

Me: ..I am Italian…
P: I know some words in Italian
Me: Really?
P: yes I can make a sentence:
Ciao, aspetta mi piaci molto come stai…. (and some words that i don’t understand)
Me: good! But now let’s speak English. That’s why I am here!

Me: …I am Italian…
P: can you teach me bad words?
No, I won’t do that!

If somebody said to you other weird things, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Silly things people say to me when they discover I am italian

  1. alexabarbieri says:

    P: Oh! What a beautiful accent, where are you from?
    M: Italy!
    P: What???
    M: ITALY!
    P: Oh, I love Italian accent, is so sexy! (No vi prego)

    (Premettendo che non sono mai stata a Roma)
    P: Where are you from?
    M: Italy!
    P: Oh, have you ever been to Rome? I love it, I’ve been there twice with my family, I’m sure you went there a lot of time!
    M: …

    (At the beginning, adesso ho smesso e dico solo Italy)
    P: Where are you from?
    M: I’m from lake Como!
    P: Ooooooh! George Clooney!
    (Vive a un’ora da me ma lasciamo stare)

    • Chalk & Cheese says:

      ahahah quella su George Clooney è fortissima!!!
      Anche a me raccontano sempre delle loro vacanze e mi chiedono se so dove si trovano tutti i villaggetti più nascosti, che solo chi ci abita conosce! ahahah infatti penso sempre… Are you seriously asking me that? What make you think that I know something like that??

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