Americans’ Guys

I always wanted to write this article, but because i am a slacker, or maybe just busy, i never did.
Well now i am absolutely in the mood.
So here a description of all the different types of americans. Just to give you an idea of the reality because my expectations were very different. To be clear, the article is just for fun, I am not going to generalize.  Hope nobody gets offended!

Ok, probably we watch too much tv, because i always thought: When i’ll be in america i will be surrounded only by good looking guys!i-am-sexy-and-i-know-it
I have to be really honest, the guy “actor stlye” is more unique than rare.
I went to many different events and places and I’ve practically never seen a guy and thought: wow he is so pretty, the perfect American! And apparently i am not the only one who have seen her expectation going in pieces.
I mean, tastes are tastes but…

The only good thing of this kind of guys is that, if they are in the mood, they pay you a drink.
But normally they are too drunk and they come to you swallowing their words trying to say that your life is so boring that you need another drink or dance with them. No thank you. My life is absolutely fine without you. Stop bothering me.hqdefault
Also, there is another type of guys in the club. Those who like having public sex. Yes if you are on the dance floor and you look around, you can see all these boys “supporting” the walls and the girls are in front on them dancing in a very dirty way trying to make their dick harder hoping for a night stand. There are always miles between my group and the walls. But unfortunately it is not enough! Because if you don’t want to stay close to the walls, you are in the middle of the dance floor! And things happen there too! Normally you can admire girls performing dirty dancing, showing the best of them, or drunk boys that come closer to you because they want to dance in, and I mean in, your butt! Get off of me! Yeah my friends and I go clubbing in the “international way” so it is hard to have, and keep, a spot with all these things going on!espressione-di-disgusto-leggera

This is one of my favourite categories! Some of my americans’ friends belong to this category and i am very happy about that._1100331
This kind of guys like nature and doing things outside when there is good weather. Pic-nic, hicking, camp fire with guitar and drinks.
They enjoy adventures and stay outside to get fresh air. They are always in to try new things!

Yes there are tons of nerd. These are exactly like the italian nerds.NerdApp2_graphic
They watch tons of tv and play a lot of videogames. It is very hard to make them going out of their houses. It is nice sometimes to talk to them, especially, if like me, you are obsessed by tv shows. But don’t expect more than a nice talk.

THE SPORTIVEIl pestaggio di Taylor Lautner_boy 911
I have seen a lot of these guys, but i have never hang out with one of them. Probably because they are always locked up in the gym.
They like taking pictures half naked to show you their muscles and how much they worked hard to be in that shape…. yeah whatever.
Everytime you text them, they are going to exercise, so conversations are never too long.

I talked with some of them, and everytime I share some of my experiences they stare at me saying: wow! You are 23 and you did all these things. I’ve never been there or did this or that…55822670
So my next question is: what have you done in all these years? The answer? School. O great… I mean it is good, but life is not only school! So you invite them to go out, they freak out and disappear….
Wow! I’ve never expected that the idea of get out of your house could have this reaction on you.

This is something that i don’t get it. There is a lot of consumerism in America, but tons of guys choose so many bad clothes! OMG you cannot even look at them for their choice of colors and clothes. They are simply terrible! And i am talking for both girls and boys! Girls are always half naked… buying a bigger size??sandalo_calzini And boys seem coming out from 70s movie. Do we wanna talk about the socks? oh please! Long socks are very… Anti-sex! No way. You can find these kind of guys at the mall, or target or wal-mart. However, it is true, that you can go out in your pajama and nobody judge you, but i discoverd that actually, americans have some fb pages in which they make fun of this people. One of the pages i am talking about is, infact, called the wal-mart people. It is pretty funny actually.

I do love these kind of guys. They have a passion for music and art. They like going to events to see stuff and weird things.3d-t-rex-tee_7-great-punk-rock-accessories-for-guys
Most of the americans play music, in fact, there are often places and events with cool live music. Groups actually sing very well.
Their favourite colour is black, they have tattoos and i do like their choice of clothes and accessories. I have to say that sometimes is hard to have a long and profitable conversation because they don’t like share too much about themselves, but only things related to their passions.
Unfortunately most of them are smokers…

It doesn’t matter the country, but douches are always the same.
When you start texting everything is cool and fine. After a couple of meetings they disapper without too many explanations. Or maybe the answer is the ex, or the new, girlfriend.Douchebag+guitar+man+everyone+knows+a+guy+like+this_8ffc0d_3587748
They keep saying how much you are nice, kind and cool, but these are just words that they probably say to everybody, because when you ask for facts… dead.
So they give you some false expectations without any reason. Douches!
There is also the one that is fakely nice and when you agree to hang out he tries to do more… Luckly I didn’t have this experience, but I’ve heard many stories.

fast-food-tattoos-fat-tattoosI have never talk with one of these guys and i have nothing to say to them. While walking, you just see this chubby guys eating an hamburger or a donut all alone. They wear dirty clothes and don’t care about their shape, look, health… nothing. They just eat and drink sodas.

The other part of my friends is in this category. They are people that work, have fun at night with friends, go in a pub to have a drink, play pool, going to the movies, organize parties, have their own house (not like us in italy), they wear normal clothes, they like talking with international people….
Like I said, normal guys! 🙂10641211_1565308167035388_1365294345414090447_n10479611_10152569168883523_1501843066989748796_n

That’s all folks! Any comment is more than welcome!

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