Eighth Month: New Friends

Well last month i was whining about the lack of au pair and friends in the area. Guess what? this month everything changed!

It was a pretty good month! I am very happy that I met new people and I had a very good time with all my friends.

Everything is great. This month there were many days in which my kids were home from school, but there was no problem at all. Between arts and crafts and playdates we always had a good time.

I am expanding my vocabulary, thanks to the new people I met I learnt many new words. And that always makes me happy.

I met a new au pair that lives very close to my house. She is from mexico and she is very very nice. We went to a pub together so she had the chance to meet some of other au pair.
The first week-end we all went skiing/snowboarding together and it was soooo much fun! I had a very great day. Lesson in the morning and green terrain in the afternoon with T.!
The 11th I had a photoshoot with S., the new girl i met. It was a lot of fun. She is veeery good! I always come out very bad in pictures, but she made an awesome job. Now i have tons of nice pictures of me! 🙂10999991_1004904779523653_7402951383971491627_n
The following weekend was valentine’s day! The 13th I had the au pair meeting. We went to the mexican and after for a drink at the casino (it was my first time there). I really have to say that it was a shame they made me pay 10$ for a very small drink!! After the casino we went downtown because my friend wanted to meet her date and me and C decided to go to listen some music and take another drink.
The 18th I met, after my class, a new guy i was texting since a couple of days. It was a very nice morning. We talked a lot and he was always nice. We are still talking so i think that the test “expectation vs reality” passed with a positive score on both sides.
The 20th i went with T to the movies because he wanted to see 50 shades of gray. OMG it was really bad! It really was! I don’t start telling you why otherwise my entire post will all be about the movie, but don’t waste your money on it! Trust me!10996118_10153098421462744_2134907093235396428_n
After the movie I went in a pub to hang out with some friends I haven’t seen in a long time. I talked a lot with all of them and I had a very pleasant night.
The 22nd was another very good day! I had my snowboarding lesson in the morning which was really awesome. I love snowboarding. At the end of the morning I rode once with my hd and once with both my hd and my kids. It was sooo much fun! We are pretty much all the same level (the kids and I, I mean) and we enjoyed it a lot!
In the afternoon we went to LS house to celebrate the chinese new year! The food was really good and we had a great time all together talking about scoop, bad movies, weird food etc…download
Also i wanna add that i solved the problem with my credits and this month i signed up for a weekend course in Silver Bay with a couple of other friends. I am veeery angry about this, especially with the agency, but i know that, at least, I’ll have fun with some friends.
Last thing is that it was, both my host dad and my host mom’s birthdays. I bought him a bacon butter. He is american and he is kind of obsessed by bacon and butter, so we always make fun of each other. I have no idea what it tastes like, but it was just a gift to make him smile.
For my hm i bought a tea infuser. She likes tea a lot, and some mornings she use herbes instead of the bags so I thought that a fancy infuser for her would have been great.

No travel for me this month because i had snowboarding every sunday. But I’m going to baltimore next weekend, and I’m going to book my flight for chicago!

Well I actually bought nothing this month. I was too busy in saving money for my next trips, the weekend class and have fun on the weekends.

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