Valentine’s day

Of course the post about Valentine’s day cannot be missed, so i will tell you how I spent my day.
I will start telling that here in america, Valentine’s day is a day in which you show your love for everybody, not only your partner like in Italy. Even if i still don’t like Valentine’s day, i think the american version is nicer and we should do the same! Valentine-Day-Art-4
On friday my kids brought at school lots of cards and shared them with their friends. They came back home with tons of sweets and cards.
Saturday was the official day so my hp left for their “lovely weekend” and i stayed home with the kids and my host dad’s mom.

I recevied 3 valentine’s gifts, all from my host family. My kids gave me a card and my hp gave me some choccolate. Most of it is already finished (and then I whine that i am fat.. :s)foto 2 (4)
In the evening i brought my kids to a party because guess what? All the au pairs were working! So i spent the night with my friend talking and watching the lion king II while my kids where playing and having fun.
We came home pretty late for them (10,45. A little bit was the weather fault because the roads were very bad) and they were all excited that the next day they would have had the opportunity to sleep as much as they wanted.

Hope you had a nice weekend!

Your Au Pair

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