Nail Polish Painted Paper’s Hearts

Ehy guys,
today my kids were home from school because of the snow, so I was thinking at some activities to do and then I thought: oh this week-end is gonna be valentine’s day! Let’s make some nail polish painted paper’s hearts!
My kids had a lot of fun and you can use your old nail polish or your host girl ones.foto (2)

I used a heart shape (the one you use to make cookies) and I trace the border on thick white construction paper. After I cut all of them, I made like 30 hearts.

The first thing i did was covering the table with old newspapers and then I gave each kid an old plastic container with a little bit of water.foto 1 (1)

We opened all the nail polish (the liquider work better), then we choose some colors and we put just a couple of drops of each color in the water.foto 2 (2)
After we dipped the heart in the water and we immediately took it out. Now the heart has a marvelous marble draw on it!foto 3
We repeated the same process with all the hearts, changing the water once in a while. We also used a stick, to remove the nail polish leftovers from the water.

We let the hearts dry on a plastic tray and after we fixed them on the window with a little bit of tape on the back.foto 2 (3)

My kids’ hands were very dirty at the end, so if you prefer, you can make them wear plastic gloves.

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