Seventh Month: A “planning” month

The first half of my experience is over. The email for the extension is arrived and I am now working on it, so i am not close to the end! Also I started thinking on how I can use my second week of vacation…

This month was ok. I mean, it wasn’t one of the best because I felt a little bit lonely. Yep lonely. I realized that it is very hard find real good friends. I know a lot of “random” people, whom I hang out and I have fun with, but it is very hard being part of a group and/or find people you can really count on and have that particular feeling that marks a friendship…alone-vs-lonely

Everything is great. My hp are always supernice and with the kids everything is always as usual.
This month I found the courage to talk with them about lots of things that I didn’t want to talk about.go-fly-roam-travel-voyage-explore-journey-discover-adventure-quote-1
My extension, because i needed to plan things with the agency and the school. In case you wanna know, they said that if i wanna stay, they would be happy to keep me.
My last week of vacation. I still have one week, but i feel bad for leaving to go on vacation, especially on working day, but on the other side i would really travel and explore. They said that they know that and to just tell them in advance so they can organize everything.
Weekend gataway. I think my kids would like do something like that, something wild, but i don’t have a plan right now. I thought only at the niagara falls, but seems a big travel. Ideas are always welcome!

I really don’t know what to say.
I think i still have pronunciation’s problems, but i think that the listening right now is consolidated.

This month i don’t have much to tell you, because i was home most of my week-ends.
The 10th I went ice-skating with my couchsurfing friends and T. It was so much fun and I was the worst one!
The 23rd i played bowling with T. and i finally met his friend from church. It was a very nice night, i beat my record and i also won one match!foto
The 24th i cooked crespelle with mushrooms and cheese as dinner for my hf, C and T. It came out really yummy. I should have cooked more!
The 11st, the 18th and th 25th i had my snoboarding lessons and it was awesome. I really like learning and I like to go there with my hf. Even if we do separate lessons, the feeling of going up together makes me happy. It sounds like a family thing and reminds me about the happier part of my childhood.foto (1)
This month I went to New York for one week. It was good, but very tiring and now I am done with new york! If you wanna read my travel plan to follow it or just get inspiration, here the link! 🙂

The deal of this month are my snowboarding lessons that make me feel so happy. Through my kids’ school I bought 6 lessons for 155$!
I also bought just dance 2015 for 35$
Last but not least a ticket for the All Time Low concert for 36$foto

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