Rear-end with right

I know it’s been a long time, but before writing an article about it i wanted everthing to be over in order to tell you every detail .IMG_1519
About three/four months ago I had a car accident. I stopped on a highway ramp and a 17 year old rear-ended me.
So I was completly in the right.
I immediatly called my hd, I told him what happened and asked what I should have done .
He told me to take a picture of the driving license of the girl who was driving and her insurance. In the meanwhile, he joined me to see that everything was ok.
Unlike what we do in Italy, we didn’t fill any form and we didn’t take photos of the accident .5942-cai
Once home he called the insurance and explained what happened. In the following days the clerk called me back because she wanted to hear my side of the story. The call was recorded and they asked me: full name, where the accident occurred, what happened, if I was injured and if I went to the hospital.
Then I brought the car to a body shop for an estimate of the damage.
When it was time to fix it I brought my car to another body shop near home, but the man there said that the estimation made by the first one was wrong because it did not include all the damages. So he called my hd, explained everything and told him to talk again with the insurance asking for more money. We waited a couple of weeks and finally it was time to fix the car.

But because I couldn’t stay without car, we went to a rental shop and rented a car for a couple of weeks .
The car that I received was brand new and had very few miles! Perhaps the most beautiful car I have ever driven!10425388_883964338290107_3248588148932152270_n
Before doing the repair the insurance paid the entire amount to my hf and there was no change on the price that my family pays annually . Also the rental service was fully covered by the insurance.
In case, but I hope not , someone will have a rear-end with right, these are probably steps you will go through.

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