Merry Christmas

Because today is Christmas and i don’t have much to do, i wanna tell you how i spent Christmas with my host family here in America.

Let’s start from the Eve.
We went to my host dad’s mom for dinner and there was the entire family. Everybody brought something, but as I already told you for Thanksgiving, they don’t have big meals in which everybody sits together around the table, Most of the time they stand and eat super fast. Even this time there was this sort of buffet, with tons of chips, some veggies and sauces to deep everything inside, then there were a couples of salads (one made by my host mom of course) chicken fingers and the only first dish was mac and cheese made by my host mom’s dad.
As a dessert my host mom made lots of cookies (my favourite were the lemon’s flavour ones), which i think are the typical sweet for this holiday, and fudge. There was also a pina colada-rum cake and fruit salad.
I personally think that i didn’t eat too much, i know that i can do better during holidays, but because we ate so fast i had the impression to be so damn full!

After dinner we opened the presents. A lot of presents, and there was something for me too! foto 1Everyone also got a Christams’s pajama to wear that night. (Mine is just red, so i can always wear it, mostly because i like staying in pjs at home) foto 2

p.s. On the Eve i also received a card, with my dog on the cover, from my friend Julia! I was soooooo Happy!! 🙂

We woke up very early, at least for me, and we went downstairs. There were, again, lots of presents. We started from the stockings and there were lots of sweets inside, but i also got some lip balm made with bee’s wax, and a face ‘s scrub; a special one, that my host parents discovered watching “sharks tank”.

After, there were the big presents and i got more than I have ever received! Probably only when i was a kid on my family’s richest period i got the same amount of presents.foto 2 (1)
Everything is very useful and nice and i really liked the puzzle because i was really thinking that i need something to do on the week-ends when i am at home.foto 1 (1)

So well, the kids were in charge of passing the presents, and they got a lot of stuff too. I am not gonna make you a list because it would be endless, but there were things like towels, pj, sheets, tons of games and action figures for infinity and skylander.

I obviously made something for my host family as well.
I wrote two Christmas cards for the grandparents, because i wanted to thank them for everything.
For S. I bought two lego monsters and it seems he really appreciated them.foto 1 (2)
For L. I bought a book to dress up dolls and a pink magic sand. Her comment was: ohh! Thank you.foto 2 (2)
And for my host Parents i made a basket with all italian products and  a letter to explain why i chose that stuff.

foto 2 (3)

foto 1 (3)








After my host dad made his amazing cheesy omlettes for our brunch with his new pan.

So that’s all! Christmas in America is such a big Holiday and they really like to decorate and exchange gifts. I personally think more than in Italy, because I feel that in the past few years people are loosing the Christmas’ spirit, except for the public lights, people barely make christamas trees and hang lights outside their homes and shops, they buy as less presents they can. Maybe it is also due to the crisis, i don’t know, but it was nice being in a family that made me enjoy the holiday.

Merry Christmas 

Your Au Pair

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