Sixth Month: time is flying by

This month i realized that half of my time here is already gone. It scared me, because i still have so many things to do. I hope to stay another year because i know that i am not done here, yet!

This month it was a mixture of exciting and sad events.
Both thanksgiving and black friday experiences were so much fun, but when my friend Julia left i was really sad, and what made me also sad what that my friend C. said that her host family is not gonna have another au pair after her, and also A.M.’s host family cannot have another au pair because her host mom lost the job…

My Host Family is always amazing, this month we hosted my friend Julia for a couple of week-ends, she also stayed with us for Thanksgiving and they allowed her to stay the week she left from Germany, because her host family kicked her out. My host mom also made a farwell dinner for her! So nice!10712912_911257025560838_5611633030408011520_n
With my kids everything is fine. I think that i am working good with them and i hope to be proud of me and them at the end of the experience. I’m starting seeing progresses, now they clean up both bedrooms and playroom almost perfectly without complaints. Their rooms are perfect everyday and the playroom is cleaned up like 3 times a weeks. I am so happy, also because i don’t have to tell them to do it 10 times.
Also this month they washed their hands before eating, with soap, and nobody told them! I was so proud!

While i am studying for my GED I keep reading and watching lots of tv with subtitles to see spelling, pronunciation and new words. In any case now i can understand an entire show without subtitles.
My friend Julia told me something that made me really happy: You know what? You know a lot of words more than me.
I keep thinking that my vocabulary is not that wide, but that made me so happy

This month i met two new guys, they were very nice and i had a good time with them.
The first week there were thanksgiving and black friday.
The 6th and 7th I went parting with Julia for the last time, we went to our mall for some last shopping together and then we had her farwell dinner.
The 13th there was my girl’s birthday party and it was huge, so much delicious food, a lots of people, so many gifts, so many balloons…
The 14th my host family and I went buying the christmas tree, a real one!

At night there was the Christmas party with all the au pairs.
Everybody brought a dish and a present. There where so much food and everything was good.10861021_10153472311292178_8037514538390047444_o

About the present, we made a sort of game. We gave one number to each present and then everybody picked a number from a pot. Then we opened the presents and here came the second round.
We picked a number form the pot again and we could keep our present or change it with someone else. Every present couldn’t be stolen more than twice. Luckily i was the last one and i could exchange my american express canteen with some useful shower gel!
Some people took the gift exchange seriously and there where some nice things, some others I have to admit were pretty awful.

The 19th i went tp my kids show in where they were singing some Christmas songs, the 20th there was R.’s Birthday party. It was also a Christmas party too. The 21st i went to church to listen the christmas carol because T. was part of the choir.
In the end, the 22nd, i brought my kids to the Christmas Village, which was really cool! A lot of lights, decorations and stories all around the trail!Photo-4340

This month i went to Washington DC on thanksgiving and it was a really nice city. I didn’t have the time to watch to many things, so i wanna go back again!

Due to black friday here my good deals:foto
A winter coat that was 130$ and i payed 50$
My new bag branded vans was 55$ and i payed 25$
My winter shoes were 50$
I also bought my christmas outfit which include: a red pull over, black pants, black scarf and jewellery for 60$

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