People come into your life for a reason

Today, 8 December, my friend Julia came back home, in Germany.
I have to say that this fact made me so sad, because after Mapu had to leave due to her awful host family, today i “lose” another good friend, for the same reason. Her host family was so mean and rude. Mapu always correctly says, that is hard to find good friends, especially during your experience as an au pair, because for a lot of reasons you cannot select too much, but i think that she was a very good friend and this made her departure even sadder.

Probably you are wondering why i chose this title, beh even if the time that i spent with her was just a couple of months, i had lots of good experiences, i expanded my knowledge  and I shot down a lot of stereotypes (which is one of the things that i like most of this cultural exchange).
I decided to write one last letter to Julia to say goodbye to her and tell you how many things i learnt.

I remember the first time you decided to email me. I thought you were so brave to text a girl, whose email was in a list on a web site. In that email you told me that you were new in the area and you wanted to meet new people. I took the chance and i replied. After some email, we shared our phone numbers, and here everything started. You asked me to meet once to get to know each other and so I came to your house. It was so weird at the beginning because there was not too much to talk about, but after that meeting you, luckly, didn’t give up. You asked me to meet for a lunch together and that was our first time we went in that who, later become, OUR mall.Aerial1
During our first meeting you asked me to schedule a day in which, every week, we could have lunch together and that day was Thursday. I’ll have to admit that at the beginning I was kinda bored to drive so far for a lunch (I am also lazy and sometimes I just need an input), but I am glad that you asked me “to schedule this tradition” because, after like 3 lunches, I was so happy to meet you because there were always a lot to talk about and we were getting along very well.

I always thought Germans are not too friendly, and if they can, they prefer spending time with other Germans rather than foreign people.
But you are different, you are one of the most nice and friendly people ever and you proved that there are Germans who likes to enjoy other cultures.
I always thought Germans were too strict with rules and that for them is hard having fun. I still remember the first party with you. Halloween! You surprised everybody! You were talking, playing games, drinking and dancing with no fear! Since that day you became such a good partner to having fun with!1502215_886952394657968_6168257629249969161_o
Also Germans au pairs have the bad reputation to be so rude when they are together because they only speak German. You never did this because you understood how awful it is, so being with you was always a pleasure because I never felt excluded.
All this, luckly, proved that not all the Germans deserve the bad reputation that often follow them. Now I can proudly say: that’s not always true!

And this is not the end! Gossiping with you, and lay down on the couch watching crapy tv shows was so much fun. BridalplastyI thought I would have never found such a good partner after my best friend left, but well, I did.
I would also never forget the stories you told me about your city and German traditions:
The pickle hidden in the Christmas tree, the fish at 5,00am that you can find at the harbor in hamburg, the Christmas kindle…

It is such a pity that you had to leave for this assholes.
Now I miss our Thursday lunches, our meetings in Hazleton, partying together, complaining about shows, gossiping… so everything! I am sure that we could have had other amazing experiences and I could have learnt more about Germans and Germany…

So thank you to have been part of my experience as an au pair and have been just you! Everything was awesome!

I will keep texting you and I am still hoping to win the Christmas kindle we made in dc! We’ll meet again! That’s a promise!

Your Au Pair

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