Black Friday

It is a very important day,  under the commercial aspect, because it is a valid indicator on the predisposition to purchases, and indirectly on the spending power of US consumers. Therefore it is carefully observed and expected by financial analysts and stock market environments in the US and Internationally.

Large retail chains are used to offer, on this occasion, remarkable and exceptional promotions in order to increase their sales. This day also marks the beginning of the Christmas season, the time of the year in which there are overall more sales.Black-Friday.001

For somebody, the term Black Friday was born in Philadelphia and comes from the big road traffic that there is, for the occasion, on that day.
For others, the term refers to the salers’ accounting books, that were passing to the traditional red (loss) to the black (profits).
Another version tells that the day’s name originated in Alabama, where there was a day in which slaves were sold at a much cheaper rate by slave’s auctioneers, so residents could have their homes fixed up and ready for Christmas and for the cold winters in general. The slaves also got that day off to prepare themselves for the long cold days ahead

After some general info, i am gonna tell you how it works in reality.
First of all a lot of states in America decide to not partecipate to this day, in particular, due to the people who become insane in order to get some good deals.

fotoSo don’t be surprised if you hear about people who don’t have black friday in their town.
Second not all the shops have sales or good sales. Yes, in Italy we think that everything is at a very low price, but that’s not true. Some stores only have 20% off sales and not on new articles, others are “buy one, get the 50% off”. In particular tecnology and luxury brands.
On the other hand, some chains like old navy, gap, garage, jcpenny…, make very good deals.

As for the people who sleep in tents outside the shop and when it opens, they scream, push, run and tear things from somone else’s hands, well this happen only in stores like target and wal-mart. For the rest of the day, people behave normally, like during our christmas shopping, so there are no problem in buying stuff quietly.wamart2jpg-d4073a7bad2073b2

I hope I didn’t dispeal any myth, but that’s the truth.

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