Fifth Month: Let’s Party!

some days were a little bit boring, for the rest everything was perfect!

With my kids everything is fine and a little bit at the time I’m tring to teach them the right daily things they have to do and sometime we have some constructive talks. In particular this month they were about death and malformed people1253161768777_f

With my host parents everything is perfect, but I forgot to tell you something I wanted to share with you. As you probably know from my post about my match, I was worried nobody was going to pick me because of the food: I don’t eat spicy or hot food. When I first came, they were cooking very spicy meals , but with time my HM cooked always less spicy so that I could eat too. It was so nice of her, because I never felt to say anything about it, but she got it. Mother instinct.

I started reading a lot, hoping to improve the grammar and learn new words. This month in particular I learnt a lot of slang about sex because I played cards against humanity…. This is always English right?
My pronunciation though, seems to be still pretty awful, but at least my host dad tries to correct me time to time. This month I worked on both words starting with H and the word saw.CAH_MainGame.pdf-pages

As the title of the article says I had a party almost every weekend.  Let’s go in order.
The 31st was Halloween, so after trick or treat I went celebrating with my friends!
The 8th there was my boy’s birthday and we went to an indoor Waterpark and it was a lot of fun. I have never been in such place and the water was warm for real. The 9th I went to watch Big hero 6 and it was one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a long time..Split-Rock-Resort-H2OOOO-waterpark
The following weekend Julia came over and we went to play laser tag in Dickson City. It was amazing. The arena was beautiful and the price was appropriate. We definitely have to go back! After the game we went partying to Harry’s house and we had a lot of fun between drinking, talking and We came back home around 5am, even though our alarm was at 10,00 to bring L. to a party. Except for the fact that we had problems finding the place, everything was fine because the party lasted only 2 hours. Once back home we took possession of the couch to watch BridalPlasty for hours. Amazing. After dinner we played cards against humanity and Thomas joined us. On the last weekend I met some new guys and then I went parting to Dave’s house, where, caught in silly games we came back home again at 4,00am with the alarm at 9,00 for the monthly meeting. It was an ok day except when everybody was talking in German. Pretty rude. In the evening there was a party at my old au pair’s house, to inaugurate it, and the husband cooked amazing Chinese food. The apartment is really nice and cozy! On Sunday as you can imagine I slept until lunch, we took the Christmas picture and then I brought the kids out for dinner.

p.s. Unfortunately, sometimes bad things happen too: The 18th was Julia’s birthday and 4 other au pairs and I organized a little surprise party for her.
At 9,00pm we went to her house after driving for about an hour to bring her a cake and a gift. Unfortunately she was still working, because her host parents were two hours late like always. After surprising her, we set ourselves in her apartment waiting for her, when the hp came back home they yelled at her so many things that were untrue, they called the LCC and told us to leave in a very rude way. It is not new for them to mistreat au pairs, in fact Julia now wants to leave because they are assholes. I’m really sorry for her because she is such a sweet girl. 🙁

This month I visited Jim Thorpe with the other au pairs for the au pair meeting.10384288_10202925198079572_3322454167378621767_n It is a very historic and tiny town and it is about 1 hour far from where I live. Because of winter many attractions were closed, but I think I’ll go back in spring to visit a couple of museums.
We took a walk in the most important streets and then we did an historical train ride that was pretty disappointing because it only went back and forth in the woods.

This month I behaved! Hurrà!
In my good deals there was a hair-dryer that I paid 15$ at Wal-Mart and a wall hanger for 10$.

Your au pair

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