5 Ways to find New Friends during your year as an au pair

Some of the major questions for those who wants to apply as au pair are:
Will I be forever alone? What can I do to find new friends? I can’t go into a pub and say: “ehy what’s up I am searching new friends!” I would also like to meet someone, other than au pair, to learn more about the language and the American culture, but where can I find this “someone”?2263919

Today I wanna share with you all the ways I know to meet new people and, if you know any others please let me know by commenting below!

  1. Cluster Meeting – even if you are living the middle of nowhere, inside of your application you’ll find some au pairs in your area and, if you go to the monthly meetings you will have the opportunity to meet some of them. Probably some live 40min far from your place or more, especially if you live, like me, a little bit isolated. This btw could be a good excuse to organize some sleep over parties. But if you live close to a big city  they will be around your place.10462617_10152569168978523_7194278979895818465_n
  2. Previous au pair – if your host family already had an au pair before you, ask to speak with her, so she can introduce you to her old friends! She would probably know at least 10 people!
  3. Facebook Groups – we already suggested you (in the italian version) a list of Facebook pages and groups that, for us, you have to join. In general you can type au pair + your country, or, your country + au pair. So let’s play with words and once you find a group, join it and ask if there any au pairs in your area!handshake-550x364
  4. Couchsurfig – we already suggested you this app in our article about the most important app for an au pair, but today we would like to talk about it for a different usage.
    People who, usually, are part of this project like to share their experience with others and are very open mind. Under the section “host” I typed my city and a couple of other regions/areas around me. You can’t imagine how many profiles I found! Write an example message and send it to all the profiles you like. Here’s mine:
    My name is Susanna and I saw that you live in…. . I am here as an au pair and I really like the American culture . I am from Italy and if you like meeting people from other countries you can just text me, maybe we can share experiences. I am not searching a place to stay because I live here, but maybe someone that can show my friends and I more things about this city!
  5. Meet up – I never used this app, but a lot of people do. I know that there are also others, but I forget the names. I personally don’t feel comfortable with this apps, but there are for sure people who had good experiences.87d258c336a6db1cff0f31df6d3e0428 Here the link for the download and here the official website.

I think that if you have tried all these methods, it is impossible that you don’t have a single friend! So good luck!

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