My Super Halloween

I start by saying that it was a really long day, so I will give you some general info about the tradition and then how I spent the day.

Halloween is an Anglo-Saxon holiday that draws its origins from Celtic remembrances and is celebrated on October 31st. The custom also widespread in other countries around the world.
The word Halloween is a Scottish variant of the full-name All-Hallows-Eve, that is the night before All Saints (in archaic English All Hallows Day, Modern All Saints)

The custom of carving pumpkins with scary or grotesque expressions, goes back to the Celts’ tradition of carving vegetables resembling themselves and then place them on the window sills, so that the spirits of their ancestors would have recognized them and would have known where to find them. The most used vegetable at the time was the rape, used in Ireland and Scotland. The immigrants in North America were already using the pumpkin original of the place, which was available in very large quantities, and by being much larger, facilitated carving.

As for the masquerading, since the dead were celebrated and it was time to say goodbye to all the things not needed, the Celtic population was dressed up as the things they were most afraid in order to exorcise and get rid of them forever. Now the party has a much more commercial meaning, as a matter of fact everybody can decide to dress up as they want: scary classic costumes, movies and cartoons characters, or simply cops, warriors, and so on. I would also like to point out that in America they use these fancy costumes because they do not celebrate Carnival..IMG_1897

Dressed up kids go door to door asking for sweets and candies with the question “Trick or Treat?“. This tradition find its origins in the medieval times and recalls the late medieval practice of charity, when on All Saints (1st of November) poor people were going door to door and were getting food in exchange of their prayers for the dead on Deceased’s Remembrance Day (2nd of November)

As being said, now I’m going to tell you about my Halloween!

Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat! If you don’t, I don’t care. I’ll pull down your underwear!

To start, after dropping the kids at school, I came back home and I dyed my hair with a cyclamen color in order to get ready for the party I was going tonight.
The first event was at 14,00 with kids’ school parade. At the end they were on stage singing some Halloween songs they prepared in the previous weeks.
It was fun and they were really happy I was there.

After I brought them to my host dad’s hospital because his nurses prepared some goodie bags and wanted to see their costumes.
In the afternoon I completed my costume that was nothing special and then I had an early dinner because the trick or treating was starting at 19,00 in the neighborhood..IMG_1879 Everything was really cool because we all went dressed up door to door asking for the treats and some houses had some really cool and suggestive decorations. Unfortunately I have no pics to show you because it was time to go and I lost my cellphone. We walked only a couple of streets, but my kids came back home with tons of candies and everytime they were changing house they were shouting “I love Halloween, Halloween is my favorite Holiday”
Since my boy is allergic to nuts I got a lot of chocolate things I wasn’t eating in centuries! ahah

After trick or treating I got ready to go partying with my friends and when my boy saw me said: You are beautiful! Soooo Sweet! This was my first serious Halloween Party! First of all everybody was dressed up for real, so at least for this year, I can say I was not the only one to come dressed up!IMG_1881 In case you are wondering I was masquerade as Day of the Dead.
The party was really cool and I had lots of fun with my friends, I met new people, we sang, talked, played beer pong, somebody danced (me just a couple of minutes because I hate dancing) and admired drunk people acting weird.
The party ended at 5,00 but I crashed there a couple of hours before driving back home, where my host dad cooked me an amazing American brunch right before leaving!

That’s all folks.
I hope you had a good Halloween, because my day really was super!! If you wanna write some of your experiences you can do it in the comment below.

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