Enroll in College as Au Pair

Today I want to explain the process I had to follow to be enrolled in the college.
As you know every au pair as to complete 6 credits during her year by following some classes.
You can go to the college or follow some weekend classes. I’ve decided to spend more money, but follow a serious class that hopefully will add more value to my resume in the future.
Having worked in Italy for three years first as a secretary and second as accountant, I’ve decided to follow accounting.

First of all I had to choose my school and I picked a community college, near home, that by the way is more economic than a private collage.
Since I’m not a resident, the amount I have to pay for each credit is the highest one, which is 411$foto 2

We all know that the family only pays 500$ and the rest is on us. I used my money to buy a laptop when I arrived, so from September I had to start saving.

The first thing I did was going to the Admission office and I enrolled by giving all my documents. In the following days they sent me two links:

  • One for creating a personal account to monitor my student career
  • One for creating an email

Later I had to take a placement test that cost 25$.
I didn’t have to schedule it, I could pick day and time I wanted, among the available ones, to better organize myself.
The test, called Accuplacer, was divided in English with writing, reading comprehension, grammar and in Math.logo Before taking my test I did some exercises especially to review my rusted math. Here you can see the exercises I did, or you click on the right on “sample questions”.
Few days later on my account the results were uploaded as well as the payment I had to made for taking the test.

When all of this was over, I waited for about a month and then I’ve got a letter from the school informing me who was my counselor and that I had to meet him for an orientation day since I was a new student.
On the website there were no availability so I drove to his office and I personally schedule it. He was only available in the afternoon, but after telling him that my job is mainly in the afternoon he met me halfway..foto 1
On the orientation day he told me that the classes start in January, three times per week, one hour each and last until end of May. He proposed me different hours (the same classes are repeated many times during the same day) and I decided to go right after dropping the kids at school.
After he told me in which building and in which room the classes take place, how the campus is structured and that before starting the class I had to buy a 200$ book (I wanted to die), because to every book is associated a code that allows me to do online exercises.

Last but not least, I walked to the security office, I registered my car for the parking lot and I asked when was the deadline to pay the fees.

I’ve started with just one class, and if everything goes fine that I understand the classes and I like them, at the end of this semester I will enroll again to end my last three credits.


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