Fourth Month: You never get bored

This month was really busy, so I didn’t have time to get bored.

With my family everything is perfectly fine, every day we talk about new and interesting topics to increase my vocabulary or simply to share info about the differences Italy/America.
With my host kids everything is good. It was a weird month because one week was perfect, the other one was tougher and the rest was on average. The kids randomly behaved.10710860_871768689509672_3922527003264911551_nSomething cool of this month concerns the Halloween’s decorations. I couldn’t wait to decorate everything, but my family didn’t have many decorations, so I went with my kids and my host dad to buy some.
Kids were really happy, even when we hung them, but the truth is that they bought them especially for me, therefore I downloaded all sorts of coupons to make them save some money. Personally I really appreciated their thought.

There are days in which I am really sad because I think I’ll never learn anything and I would like to already know everything, and then there are days in which I feel god because I understand entire sentences with no problems.
The truth is that I think I am in a phase where I understand two words out of three, but I still have problems formulating sentences correctly and repeating/using the new words I learn and especially I have a hard time memorizing the structure of the sentences I learn every day.

Let’s start from the first weekend, that I spent at a fair, so no surprise there. This time it was the most famous in our area. It was held in Bloomsburg and I finally tried the fried oreos, I tried to win a goldfish, I drank a tasty milkshake and I rode one of these scary fair’s attractions!
October 4th my kid had a piano competition, to which all the best kids were participating and since we practiced for so long with so much hate for the metronome, I went to see how it was, and even if he didn’t play that day he did great in the written test.
Sunday I went to a Harry’s place and we spent the night drinking and talking.
The following weekend I organized a hike, because I wanted to see Pennsylvania from the peak of something and admire the fall’s colors. Therefore I searched on internet a nice place, we left with our packed lunch and once arrived we found out that the hike would have been very short and when we reached the highest spot… what a delusion! The view wasn’t naturalistic at all and it was disfigured by an horrible power station.
At least we had a good pic-nick and a fun afternoon all together._1100331
Among the other things I did this month, there were the thousands and more tests I took. For what? Well, one for the admission to the college and one to enter the GED program. I can anticipate that I passed both of them, but I will tell you more in some futures articles, because I am sure you have plenty of questions.

My monthly travel was the Boston Tour I talked about in my previous post. To do a recap, I visited The Breakers Mansion in Rhode Island, a small part of Boston, Harvard and Yale. The weather was disappointing , because it was windy and chilly, but the tour was enjoyable, even tho we spend most of our time on the bus.

This Month I should scold myself for the amount of money I’ve spent, but some of my useful purchases are:
A pair of jeggings for 15$
My Halloween Make-Up for 5$
A Full Body mirror for my room for 6$. Finally I can look at myself before getting out the house.


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