The Breakers + Yale + a taste of Boston

This past weekend I took a tour with my friends called “Boston Tour, but we barely visited Boston. I’ll definitely come back in the future to better explore the city.

We bought the tour online with an agency called tours4fun because there was an offer where you buy two and the third is free. We were three, therefore we divided the price (70$ per person). The agency is managed by Chinese, but don’t let this fool you, everybody can travel with them!
Included in the price there were: transportation from New York City’s Chinatown to all the attractions and places of the tour and one night accommodation (it was a sort of luxury motel, rooms were big and beds comfortable)
Excluded there were: all the meals, except the first continental breakfast (some things were good, some others not so much), all the tickets for the attractions and the tip for the tour guide.In general it was a good trip, but I don’t think I would travel with them again.

Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut: My friends and I didn’t go, but the entrance was 30$. In our free time we had lunch and then we took a walk around “Olde Mistik Village“, a small village full of shops right next to the aquarium.
The Breakers Mansion in Rhode Island: A hug and beautiful mansion built with a French/Renaissance style as a summer residence for the Vanderbilt. Included in the ticket there was also an audio guide that was speaking clear and slow.

Harvard University in Massachusetts: the structure of the campus is very similar to penn university, but the guide told us some curiosities:

  • Harvard’s Statue’s shoe is golden because all the new recruits wants to touch the shoe as a good luck auspice and that is the first part of the statue that they can reach.
  • The Statue doesn’t represent the real Harvard, but only a beautiful guy of that time, because since photographs didn’t exist, nobody knew how he looked like.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Only the outside
Cruise in the Boston bay: it was really nice, except for the weather since there was a very cold wind. The guide, a pretty guy, told us a lot of info such as:

  • Boston is one of the oldest cities in America and the State does a lot of work to preserve its integrity.
  • The city has some of the most clean and controlled waters in America and all the sold fish is checked by a proper authority.
  • Boston was once a big harbor and today there are still ruins of where the treasure hunters used to stop to search for valuable stuff to sell for a fortune.

Quincy Market: an area in Boston where there are lots indoor shops and lots of stands are old style wagons.
Yale in Connecticut: it was the attraction I liked the most, because we paid a guide that brought us inside the campus and she told us many interesting facts:

  • Yale is very expensive, but if you get accepted, the fees are based on your income, so you might go to school for free.
  • The campus takes care of everything: small dorms of circa 4 students each and food, where each day you pick the menu you like the most.
  • It is said that touching the shoe of the statue of one of Yale’s famous presidents brings you luck and makes a wish come true. I wished mine, will see.
  • The architecture is really particular and from the windows lots of light comes through to remind the students they are lucky to be there and to not forget to study hard.
  • Nathan Hale’s statue is really important for the university. He graduated at Yale, but one day, when he was drunk, confessed to be a spy, so the government decided to hung him. The hanging day he showed up with Yale’s degree under his arm because he was proud for having graduated there. Even in this case, for the same reason as Harvard, the statue is a fake.
  • Yale owns millions of books. One of its libraries is huge and looks like a church. In fact, it was originally planned to be a church, but the university wanted a library and not a church, therefore the structure remained the same and only the name was changed. It has 8 floors and it is very chic and technologic.

Well, it was a very busy weekend because we traveled a lot, but it was worth it!

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