Differences between Italian and American Seaside Towns

After being in Long Beach Island, Susa noticed that there are many differences between the America style of vacation at the beach and the one she always did in Italy. We know some exceptions exist like Ocean City or Atlantic City that are closer to the Italian idea of vacation at the beach. In fact, Marty that have been in the Jersey Shores, confirms that there are similarity with Italy. At the beginning of the shore there is always a bar (very often with music), and the walks that connect the beaches are full of life, both day and night: there are carousels, restaurants of any type and arcades, just like in the realty show Jersey Shore.456x330

Now let’s see more into details these differences:

  1. On the beach there are no services: no bars and no kiosks (not in all the Jersey Shores is like that).
  2. Shores are not equipped. You have to bring everything from home, but you still have to pay for a badge (weekly or monthly) just because you are seating at the beach!
  3. There are no paddle boats.
  4. There are no men that sell coconut, beach towels or any other thing. Time to time the ice cream truck stops by and rings some bells for a couple of minutes to let everybody know it is  here.BB---entire-collection-09
  5. There are no shops that sell every possible thing along the walk from home to the beach (not all the Jersey Shores are like that)
  6. There are no open air markets at night
  7. Rickshaws barely exist and nobody uses them anyway (Susa saw two of them parked).
  8. There are few hotels (Susa saw just one). Motels are more common, but for the rest there are only big houses.
  9. It is not true that the ocean is deep. It is just like in Emilia Romagna. You can walk very far and the ocean floor is soft and clean.
  10. Waves are way higher than in Italy, but not as much as in the movies, and are stronger when they crash.
  11. The ocean flow is very strong. It is easy to find yourself far from where you entered the water and you can easily be sucked in the wave or be pushed back to the shore.
  12. At every beach entrance there is a bench.
  13. Lifeguards are efficient and well trained (Susa could assist at a live rescue)
  14. In the evening there are no shops open (not in all the Jersey Shores is like that). Only one night Susa went to a place in which there were shops open, but it was very small and had to drive there
  15. At night, along the streets, you never find people that make braids, do shows or sell/do all the handmade things.

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