5 Super Famous American Foods

The American “diet” is very various because includes dishes from many different countries, especially Italian or Mexican due to the immigration of the early 900. However there are some products or dishes that rarely can be found in other cultures. Below our top 5:

  1. First among all the Peanut Butter that they spread on every sort of carbs (from toasts to bagels), or combine with other foods! The most famous sandwich is made with peanut butter and jelly, to be more specific with peanut butter on one side and jelly on the other one. Moreover Americans think it is full of proteins, so they often eat it with fruit!Peanut_butter
  2. Mac and Cheese: probably a dish inspired by the Italian cuisine and revisited according to American tastes!! The most famous brand is Kraft and they are a concentrate of conservatives and fats: you have to cook the macaroni in a pot filled with water and later add to the pasta a dehydrated mixture of milk, butter and cheese.10552624_329153020573597_8726666218252708321_n
  3. Pancakes are part of the typical American breakfast. The ingredients of the traditional receipt are: butter, flour, milk, sugar, eggs and baking soda (or another yeast that lends volume). However Americans usually use a powder mix to whom you just have to add water. The best brand on the market is Aunt Jemima. They are served with maple syrup, jelly, honey and in some cases even bacon or ham.unnamed
  4. Sour cream: for those who don’t know, it is made by acidifying with bacteria the cream obtained from pasteurized milk. In America the sour cream is eaten with everything: as a dressing for roasted potatoes or fruit, as an ingredient for cakes, cookies or doughnuts and even as a sauce for chips and crackers.Sour-cream-and-onion-dip-with-feta-1-1024x743
  5. Last but not least, the butter cream, America favorites cream. In America cakes are always covered or filled with butter cream, classic or mixed with other ingredients (chocolate or fruit creams). That is very different from Italy , because once the cake is ready, it is decorated with cream or a more dense one like chocolate, hazelnuts or patissiere. Butter cream is simply made with soft butter and sugar. Margarine can be use too.
    Butter cream is used to fill cupcakes, sponge cakes and other kinds of desserts.images

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