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Today we want to write a short article to give you some info about the school buses.foto

Why are they yellow and have a particular esthetic?
The color yellow was picked because it is best color for black words to stand out. Everybody can read “school bus” without any problem. It is also the first color that catches our eyes and since school buses drive even with adverse weather conditions such as, snow, fog, etc it was picked a color that stands out among all the others.
Their particular esthetic was approved by federal laws to distinguish them among all the other types of buses on the territory.

Why school buses have to stand out so much?
Simply because they drive kids and that avoids, even to the most distract driver, to run over them while getting on and off. Imagine that they even have reflective parts to point out the exits, the length and the height when there is not enough light.School_Bus___Back_by_RosalineStock

How does the school buses’ system work?
Susa asked this question to her host mom because she was wondering why she has to drive the kids to school when other take the bus.
First of all it is a service offered by public schools. In very rare occasions even a private school can offer a bus service.
When you pay the school taxes (for the public one) you automatically pay an amount that is addressed to the transportation service.

If somebody go to school far from home, will the school bus come to pick you up?
Usually those who go to a public school, choose one that is close to home, so the distances problem doesn’t exist.

Susa & Mapu

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