Au Pair and Tattoos

Here’s a topic that is important for many girls, since 1 out of 4 has, even if small, a tattoo on her body and many are worried that it could be a problem with the host family… therefore the question is: should we say it or not? We are not talking about lying, but simply omitting… We asked this question to tattooed au pairs and are already with a family and they told us their experiences and the advices they have for all future au pairs.1170907_10200923336980335_1423252412_n

  • If the family doesn’t want you because of a small tattoo, is not the right one for you. There are lots of au pairs with tattoos, so don’t worry about it.
  • My family loves my tattoos, I didn’t tell them before, but after my first month I got a new one here in America and they were super excited for me.
  • You have to wait until you find the right family. My family and I love my tattoo (I have 4) and I waited until I found a family just as crazy as me.
  • My host family just asked me to explain the kids what is a tattoo and the meaning of mine.
  • There are many families that don’t like them and many that do.579080_10200098550961200_1140481320_n</
  • I finally found a family that doesn’t care; my tattoos represent me and my personality
  • It really depends on the family, but usually in the States they are really open mind about this topic. I have 7 and they never said anything
  • A family rejected my tattoo… well it wasn’t my family
  • Just be you
  • Many hosts have tattoos themselves.
  • I didn’t have tattoos when I arrived, but my host parents got one for me for Christmas!
  • I don’t have tattoos, but my host family says that between a girl with tattoos and one without, they would pick the one without.
  • Usually having tattoo is not a problem, but my host family wanted to know the meaning of mines
  • I have two tattoo, they never told me anything, but during the research of the new au pair I’ve noticed they preferred the ones without
  • My tattoos were a problem for my host dad, but not my host mom. Luckily she made him change his mind
  • I went to rematch because my host mom told me I couldn’t wear t-shirt that were not covering the tattoo
  • I have three piercing and 4 tattoos and I never had problems here, but there are families with prejudices
  • I’ve got a tattoo here in the States and I tried to cover it, but when my host parents found out about it, laughed at me saying that I had nothing to be afraid of.

In our case Mapu has 3 tattoos (one on the shoulder and 2 on the wrists) while Susa has one (on the ankle) that got after the match. Mapu didn’t talk with the family about her tattoos because she was afraid, but once in the family she realized they had no problems.
Susa didn’t tell anything to the family because, no matter what, she was going to get it since it was a gift that her friend got her for her birthday and departure. Moreover she always thought that it doesn’t change the person she is (the famous saying, the cloths don’t make the man) and could have been easily covered in case the family was not going to like it.
She decided to ask their au pair if she knew how the family would have reacted, in order to be prepared. She said that they don’t care about it and she has a couple herself, one of which was made in America.
In fact once arrived, the host parents had nothing to say about it.10371671_718464011550883_4583092773848129736_n

If you had some different experiences from the ones told above, you can leave a comment below because we are curious to read your story.

Mapu & Susa

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