Third month: new experiences one after the other

Even my third month arrived at the end. Man! Times really fly by

Everything is fine like always, I’m not homesick and I feel happy. This month I was bored only in few sporadic moments, but for the rest everything is good and I always find a way to keep myself busy.

My host family is always amazing. They treat me well and I can’t ask for anything better.
I want to tell you something that happened to make you understand how special and supportive they are. This month I had a car accident, I’ve been rear-ended.IMG_1519After the crash I called my host dad and, once arrived, he asked me how I was, that everything was fine, and to go home that he would have picked up the kids.
Once they came back, my girl immediately ran to hug me and later I apologized with my host dad. He told me it wasn’t my fault and to not worry but I was still sorry for the car. He asked me if I was feeling any pain and after I said that my neck was hurting, but I didn’t want to go to the hospital, he gave me some medicines.
When my host mom came home I apologized with her too and she said that it wasn’t a problem because it wasn’t my fault.
I know it is not my fault and I’m right, but very often families get mad for cars’ damages, plus their insurance raises, so I thought they were going to be very angry. Instead they were super nice to me, they asked me how I was and when I told my host mom why I was so sorry she told me that everything was fine because I was completely in the right therefor I should have stopped worrying.

This month I tried to speak more and I also started reading some of my boy’s book, so I hopefully get better with the grammar

I spent this month with fairs, bonfire and Carolina’s birthday.
The first big fair was supposed to be the monthly meeting, but since nobody from my agency came I went with my friends.IMG_1375
It was huge and there were lots of stands. I even tasted a new dessert and I really liked it: dumpling peach with vanilla ice-cram. There was also a big sector with animal exhibitions and one with carnivals. We did a sort of mirrors-maze, but it was fake. Super short and super easy. The worst 2$ spent.
The second fair was the Italian fest in Scranton, but the most Italian things I found were the flags scattered all over the square. There were many stands that were selling any sort of Italian/American food that I refused to try or buy to my girl. Yup, we went together. After touring the fair we went playing at the park near by.IMG_1337
The bonfire was a lot of fun. Everything started when I ended up being in a conversation with 9 unknown phone numbers and an invitation for this “fire”. After asking what it was about, I understood that Ron added me to the group chat. I’ve decided to go to keep myself busy and mostly to meet new people. Well, in the end I found out that I met all the people there once already, but it was nice seeing them again. The guys built a bonfire in the middle of the woods, in a place they call desert (in fact there is nothing around), we had a drink, talked and towards the end of the night the guys play the guitar and sang some songs.
Next day it was Carolina’s 24th birthday and she organized a party at her house. Her host parents cooked some American dishes and after the meal there was also a cake. We spent the rest of the night drinking Mexican cocktails, singing at the karaoke and playing Pictionary. Thing that I really enjoyed because I learnt new words and we all had fun.10698518_10204998722313627_3253655278004201656_n
p.s. Again, I went to the Fall Out Boy concert and it was simply amazing.

This month I went with my host family to Long Beach Island for one week and it was a nice experience. If you wanna know more, you can read the article in which I tell you more about it.

This month I bought no stuff, but I used my money to rent the apartment in Brooklyn for new year’s eve at a very good price. I paid 857$ for 2 people for 7 nights.


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