How much does taking the driving license in the USA cost?

Today we want to make a single list, of how much taking a driving license in the most important USA States costs. The prices are based on other au pairs experiences:l_eiveteransdriverslicensex1200
Alabama $28
California: 35$
Colorado: 21$
Connecticut: 72$ for the driving license and 40$ for the taxes. Moreover if you don’t already have an American, French or German driving license you have to pay 200$ for a tax to take the exam
Florida: 49$Georgia: 20$
Illinois: $5 if you are between 18 and 20 years old and $30 if you are between 21 and 68 years old
Indiana: 21,50$
Kentucky: 25$
Maryland: 45$
Massachusetts: 100$
Michigan : 75$ of which $25 are for the written part and $50 for the driving part
Missouri: 15$
New Jersey: 24$
New Mexico: 39$
New York State: $77.50 for the license and then $30-$50 for the 5 hours class you have to follow
North Carolina: 4$
Ohio: 25$
Oklahoma: $25
Pennsylvania: 34$ the first year you can drive with your international driving license
Texas: 25$
Virginia: 80$
Washington DC: 45$
Washington state: $80
Wisconsin: $20dmv_v4_header_02

It appears that the price vary depending on what country you are from, so if you paid a different price let us know in the comment below.
We recommend you to ask at your local DMV what is the price you are supposed to pay. In Italy it is the same all over the country. You can immediately get for free the manual to study on and pay the fee the day you take the theory exam. Remember that you need your SSN to get your driving license.
If you want to start searching some info you can Google DMV (department of motor vehicles) plus the name of your state.

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