Shipping a package from the States

After telling you how to ship a package to the States, today we want to tell you how to do the opposite, which is shipping a package from the States. During your au pair life you might want to ship a gift back home for Christmas or a birthday, or even your clothes because due to the excessive shopping your luggage aren’t enough! Let’s see together which methods we could use:

    1. The American postal service (USPS). The price depends on weight (be aware usps_logo (2) it is calculated in pounds!), dimensions and value of the declared objects inside the package. With this link you can see the prices for your country. Like said before, you have to write the package’s value and after choose the dimensions. You can decide to pay according to shape and weight, or by picking a “Flat rate service”, which is a standard price based on the dimensions.
      Once at the post office they will give you a form to fill in with:-Sender’s last name, name, address and phone number
      -Recipient’s last name, name and address
      -Detailed descriptions of the content
      -Total US Dollars value
      -Total weight
      -What to do if the package cannot be delivered at that address and here you have three options: discard it, send it back to the sender or send it to another recipient.For example Mapu shipped a 17lbs package, whose total value was 30$, mostly gifts, and paid 80$
      Delivery times vary from 5 to 10 working days and you with this service you track it until it gets at the border of your country. After you probably have to track it with your national postal service.
      Sometimes you have to pay the VAT or the duty tax, thing that we think it is not legal. It didn’t happen to us, but we heard stories of Italian girls that paid 30$ to be able to retrieve the package!However, if you have to ship something small, you can use the yellow envelopes that aren’t subject of customs’ controls.FedEx-Express
    2. Common carriers: like FedEx, DHL, UPS, that are for sure more expensive, but deliver in less time (3/5 days) and can be tracked.
    3. Online Service like Vanexpress or /USA: they are websites we personally didn’t know, but their prices are half way between the postal service and the carriers.
    4. Polonez Parcel offers an ocean freight and it is the most used service among au pairs, because even if delivery times are longer, sometimes even a month, you can ship lots of pounds at a very competitive price and those who used it before say they always got their packages in once piece.

We hoped this article was useful,

Mapu and Susa

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