On vacation with my host family + Fall Out Boy concert

Last week from the 23rd to the 30th of August I went for the first time on vacation with my host family to Long Beach Island. I barely worked and sometimes I even felt guilty, but I had lots of fun, did lots of things and I saw the ocean for the first time.
Few month ago they rented a house two feet far from the beach. IMG_1259My room wasn’t huge, but I still had a queen size bed. Well I always used half of it because I was alone! Ahaha such an exaggeration!  It was an old-style house, but something I really liked was that the landlord left all travel-size products: shampoo, mouth-washer, conditioner,….We didn’t spend all our time at the beach, one day we went to a small waterpark (the smallest I have ever been), but it was so much fun, I did all the slides alone and with my boy as well.

One afternoon we went to play mini-golf and we played in a very weird way. What I mean is that my friends and I do one hole at the time, instead, here we played all three at the same time in the same hole. The path was easy and some holes were really nice (in one you were supposed to make the ball jump a ditch with the water running in it).
The rest of the week we stayed at the beach sunbathing and swimming (I played jumping the waves with my girl many times and it was lots of fun, the ocean is so powerful!), except for one afternoon that I decided to go for a bike ride in the island. I wish I was able to make it all the way down south, but the rental shop was closing too early, therefore I couldn’t make it on time. I would like to underline that my bike didn’t have the breaks in the front, so I spent my first 10 minutes riding very slow and wondering how I was supposed to break, to later find out I was only had to back-paddle… -.-‘10584064_342891105866455_7489782286700386492_n

During the week we went thrice to get ice cream after dinner at Skipper Dipper and it was the best one I have ever had here in the States. Oh man! I almost forgot we had dinner out three evening and I ate lots of mussels! One night in particular they were incredibly good! It was a decade I wasn’t eating them and I was really craving them. I also had an indigestion of scallops! Gordon Ramsey always cooks them in Hell’s kitchen and I was so excited to finally try and I have to say I actually liked them.

Sunday after the week at LBI, I finally used my welcome gift! My ticket for the Fall Out Boy concert! My favorite band! I was so damn excited, the concert was spectacular! I loved the special effects and so the setlist! I knew all the songs and they even performed my favorite one! I wasn’t in the pit, but since Americans like to be comfy I had a good view either way.10609530_852411771445364_399316928087663746_n
An experience that is worth doing again and I thank my amazing host family for having given me the chance to realize (another) one of my dreams. Going to the concert of the band I love, in America!

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