Second Month: Easy and Fast

My second month just ended, so here I am with my monthly report.

Even this month I wasn’t homesick, but there were a couple of times in which I felt a little bit sad.
First of all when marty didn’t find a new family for her rematch and had to go back to Italy and second because during my trip in Philly, even if I had a good time, I missed my Italian travel buddies a lot.
However, I was very happy when Gabry told me he is coming to visit me for a week on new year’s eve and my host family told me I can have that week off!!

This month was pretty easy, because my kids went to a summer camp near philly for two weeks, so I had to take care of only one kid per week and it was very easy organize afternoon activities or have them do what was asked..10365797_336286716526894_7716952761939050082_n
This month’s last week was the tougher I had since I’m here. Between the two of them there were always complaints, whines, fights and so on, therefore I had a very hard time. However my host dad was awesome because it wasn’t just a bad week for me, but also for my host parents, so one day he brought some flowers home and said: This was a tough week for everybody, we all need flowers to feel better. Who else has an host dad like mine? 
p.s. Do you remember the pool day problem? This month was soooo much better!!

My host parents say that I got better even if I still have pronunciation problems with some words. In fact my host dad makes fun of me! I still feel dumb and ungrammatical, but at least I learnt new words that enriched my lexicon.

In sight of my trip to Philly, I’ve decided to stay home on weekends, or at least in the area, so that I could save money.foto 1
Something I really enjoyed was going to the International fest in Mountain Top (my town) and there were a lot of stands with fat foods, games and other useless things! I’ve decided to play 3$ at the bingo and it was so much fun. For each dollar you were getting 4 cards you had to open. If inside there was the word BINGO you were going to win the amount of money based on the color of your word. Seems silly, but you get carried away! I won 50cen and my friend won 10$.
Something else I really enjoyed was going to Japanese restaurant I always go with my host family and eat HIBACHI. Basically you seat at a table and the cook arrives, makes up a show and cooks everything right in front of you! It was amazing! In Italy we have nothing like that, or at least I am not aware of it.
In conclusion another weekend I finally tried lobster and scallops (the ones so loved by Gordon Ramsey). I liked both of them, but my host dad told me there they were not the best.
I even had my first real American dinner (Host dad’s word) with huge steaks, corn on the cob, and various veggies all roasted on the grill with lots of butter

This month I did my first trip and I went to Philly!! I really like the city and I definitely recommend it. Here you can find all the details. Even tho I had fun, I can assure you it is not easy to travel with strangers. To be honest I would have a very long list of things to complain about..10592929_845798398773368_8592452950183757658_n

In this month deals’ list there are a scale and just dance 2014
I picked these articles, because after a month, I didn’t know how my nutrition was going. Well after buying the scale I found out I gained 5kg, so I bought just dance to do one hour daily workout to get back in shape. I’ll let you know if it worked.


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