New Jersey

Today we want to make a panoramic of the New Jersey, a quite small State located on the east coast between Pennsylvania and New York. The capital is Trenton, but the most known cities by us Europeans are:

  • Jersey City (a city right outside NYC)
  • Newark (where one of the most famous and big airport is located)
  • Hooboken (where there is Buddy Valastro’s shop from the tv show “Cake Boss”)
  • Atlantic City (also known as the las Vegas of the east)
  • The coast, also called Jersey Shore.

New jersey has a very small surface and it can be compared to our Tuscany, however it is the State with the major population density. It is divided in different regions:

  1. Gateway region: called this way because all the immigrants at the beginning of the 900 arrived at Ellis Island, a small Island right outside New York City, where they had to wait 40 days before being allowed to enter the States.
  2. Skylands: it is located norther then the previous one and it is characterized by hills and fields (We remind you that New Jersey is also called the Garden State because of its luxuriant vegetation)
  3. Shore Region: in other words coasts and ocean!
  4. Delaware River: it is located in the middle of the New Jersey and houses a big forest and a national reserve.
  5. Southern Shore: is the southern area of the state
  6. Greater Atlantic City: like the name tells it is the area that concerns Atlantic City and its surroundings.316px-New_Jersey_Counties_Outline

As resident of this state, Mapu wants to proudly remind to everyone that the Liberty Statue does not belong to NY but to the New Jersey (even tho no tourist knows it)
New Jersey is characterized by many little towns lost in the nature, therefore in very few cities there is a downtown area like in Italy (squares and streets full of stores), but in the majority of the cases there are long and wide streets surrounded by the green and time to time you can find a mall.

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