Movie theaters in the United States

If you are passionate about movies like Mapu, maybe you are going to find this article interesting!
In the first three weeks in New Jersey she wanted to try three different movie theater in her area and she noticed that there are lots of differences. Susa instead went only a couple of times in a movie theater in the valley.

Movies 1: Bow tie Wayne
All the movies are chains that you can find everywhere in the States, but she had the impression that this movie was like an old countryside movies.
It has only 4 small theaters (long and narrow) and they don’t give you a seat number, like in Italy, but first come, first served. She was really surprised the movie started exactly 10mintues after the time printed on the ticket (and not the half an hour we are used to) and there were no commercials, but only trailers.
Ticket price: 11$Immagine

Movie 2: AMC Dine in Theaters West Orange
What about it? Simply amazing! We recommend you to visit the website to admire it! It is a multiplex, like the ones in Italy, but the theaters are HUGE and the seats line are really small (every line has 4 seats and every two lines there is an aisle. Why? Well because every seats line has its own table with a menu and by pressing the button located in the seat in front of you, the waiter comes right away and you can order anything you like! For the food lovers the menu includes: French fries, hamburger, Mexican food and pasta, but you can also find basic food like chips and popcorn (that Mapu and her friend bought for 4$ each and moreover had free refill for the entire movie), but the most amazing thing is that they don’t only have sodas, but also wine, beer and cocktail.
Ticket price: 14$ and also in this case no commercials, but only trailers.

Movie 3: AMC in Wayne
It is an AMC, so it is very big, but in this one there was no table service. They sell only popcorn and chips. Unlike the two movies above mentioned, there were 15minutes of commercials (mostly new tv-shows coming out on cable tv).
Ticket price: 11$movies-02

Movie 4: R/C Wilkes Barre Movies 14
It is a chain and a multiplex. Like the first movies you buy the ticket but you don’t get assigned to a seat. Theaters are not huge, they have half the seats we have in Italy and there is no commercials, but only 10min of trailers.  At the entrance you can buy drinks and popcorns. Sometimes they show old movies at a reduced price. Moreover you can park in a parking lot whose ticket usually covers the entire time of the movie.
Ticket price: 9$

For the moment these were our experiences, but as soon as we try new movie theaters we will let you know!
Ah, just one last curiosity: we thought that American’s movies were released first in the States than in Italy…. But this is not always true, for example the Disney Movie Maleficent was firstly released in Italy than in the USA!

Mapu & Susa

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