First Month: Passed

Hi everybody!
My first month is passed, so here my monthly summary to tell you how things are going.

I don’t miss Italy at all, and i am not sorry for firing myself, also because i left my place to a very good girl that deserves a nice job. By the way, thanks to the crisis, I lost nothing in terms of salary and contract.984259_609137079106169_595680076_n
The only things that i miss are my mom’s cooking (in particular bread and pasta, that’s why i think that in the next days i am going to cook a big plate of pasta with ragù), even if food here is very good, and hugging my dog, that every time I was coming back home was waiting for me.
I also miss, a little bit, talking in italian e hang out with my friends on week-ends, mostly because now i have enough money to do so.
Especially in the mornings, i feel lonely and bored, but probably because i haven’t start taking my classes yet.

My host parents are always kind and nice with me and they include me in all the activities and in case of doubts or something is not clear they always help me.
My host kids are good kids, they are not like the kids in some stories that ignore me or tell me: go back home because you are nobody. They also never tried to kill me throwing stuff against me. Obviously, like all the siblings, usually fight and they don’t listen to me, unless, i threat them to run into some kind of punishment. So after some threats, there is quiet and peace again (at least for some other minutes XD).
For the moment the only problem seems to be the pool day.

I think that my english is always awful and full of mistakes.
I developed, the hearing though, so now I understand definetly better than the begining, both when people talk to me or I watch tv without subtitles. I learned, and remembered, a lot of vocabulary, thanks to both kids and parents. Everytime they tell me something that I don’t know what it is or its meaning they always give me an explanation or they show me the object.
To give you some examples: weird, shutters, whining, eggplant, actually, closet, greens, bathing suits, grown up….

This month almost all my weekends were busy and in general i met a lot of au pairs and americans that live in my city.
29/7 I went to the waterfalls with an au pair that lived close to me, my kids, my ex au pair and her husband
04/7 I celebrated the 4th of july with others au pairs and i went to a party to say goodbye to an au pair that completed her two years and say hello to the new one who took her place
05/7-06/7 There was my welcome party, where marty came too.10479611_10152569168883523_1501843066989748796_n
12/7 I went to the Bruno Mars‘ concert, which was very funny. Also, to reach the place where the event was held, i made my first long drive on the american ground.
13/7 I baked gnocchi with my kids. They came out very good and the taste was the same of the ones I was used to bake in italy. Although they were huge and shapeless because my kids cut them too big and they pressed them with too much energy 🙂 but who cares, they had fun
15/7 I went to a pajama dinner, that is actually a normal dinner, but we were all in pajama at the restaurant! Because in america you can!10401433_10202378966417580_2007821111620649263_n
26/7 – 28/7 On saturday i went to a party at the pool of my kids’ uncle and on saturday i cooked because i was bored.

Since it was my first month i didn’t do any travel, also because i don’t have enough money yet, but i am planning to go to Philadelphia next month.

I bought my new laptop, with my host dad’s help, so now i have something to do during my boring mornings, writing my blog, planning trips and searching things to do in the area for me and my host kids. I payed 520$ taxes included

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