First Dinner

What scares the majority of the new au pairs is meeting the host family (Here you can find Susa’s meeting), and especially the first dinner because we imagine ourselves very tired, eating with people we don’t know and with a very low English level. Therefore we decided to tell you about our experiences hoping to reassure you…

The first dinner was the best one compared to the ones in the following days.CenoneVigilia_PranzoNatale The host mom’s parent were there and they were super nice with me, they talked clearly and we played cards with the kids.During dinner my host mom opened a bottle of wine and kept pouring it in my glass because “I’m Italian” (thing that I particularly appreciated, but maybe not everyone is an alcohol fan), therefore my English was really loosen! As I already wrote, meeting the kids didn’t go very well, but during dinner they showed to be interested in me so I have to say that my expectations were widely met.

I was personally really anxious about dinner for two main reasons:
1) First of all for the food, because since I’m spoiled (not ready-made foods to microwave, no spices, no hot food) I wasn’t sure I was going to like everything
2) I was afraid to not understand a single word and be quiet.insalata-di-farro-22
How did it go? Well my host mom cooked an amazing dinner (here they have a single dish, not entrée, second course and side) that was a dish with farro, that I like a lot, melted cheese, tomatoes, veggies and onions. Nothing was spicy or hot and since I was starving I had a second serving! Everything was combined with a good glass of red wine, to whom you never say no!
As for the English, I spoke more than I was expecting. My host family is very talkative (and I’m very happy about it because a little bit at the time I can develop my hearing) and this allowed me to have a general idea of the conversations we were having and then be able to interact a little bit!

Well, as you read the first dinner is not as scary as we think, actually it is very relaxing and we hope for you is the same!
If you are already in the States and would like to tell us about your experience, you can leave a comment below!

Mapu & Susa

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