4th of July. Happy Birthday America

The Independence Day is celebrated the 4th of July and is the national Holiday of the United States of America.0_bab51_fc0c9549_L
It commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776, with which the Thirteen Colonies detached from the United Kingdom of Great Britain.
The tradition foresees fireworks, parades (in Mapu’s town there was a parade for kids only), barbecues, picnics, concerts, baseball games, and other events that celebrates history, government, and USA traditions.
But let’s see what we did that day.

The 4th of July was perfectly planned, but things didn’t go as planned (What a surprise??)! First of all I have to say that I am a very lucky girl, because my host dad is working since many years for Macy’s (a very important chain in the States), so he had some free tickets for the NYC’s fireworks in a reserved area and he gave them to me!! You can’t imagine the joy in my heart when he told me!! This event is so important that was even broadcasted on tv (I’ve been told I was focused and they recorded it!! So as soon as I have time I’m going to watch it).10463960_10203031494322951_7685865190575148446_n
But let’s start from the beginning! After I got the ticket I decided to invite my Mexican friend Zoo and together we planned our perfect day: wake up early, go have lunch in NYC, visit Wall Street and at 6,00 go to the privet to watch the fireworks. However it was a rainy day, so we didn’t know if we should have left early or not. In the end we made a decision and we got in the car that was making a weird noise! Long story short, it took us 5 hours between trying to fix it and waiting for my host dad to come take a look at it.
In the end we arrived in NYC around 7,00! Quick stop at Eataly and then fireworks… OMG you can’t imagine how lucky I was to get this tickets! You could have watched the fireworks for free from the Brooklyn bridge, but the privet was amazing!! Free food (hot dog, pretzel, chicken wings, French fries), free drinks, lots of gadgets, and an amazing seat to enjoy the view! They even gave us 3D glasses to see them better!! On Facebook you can watch the video!!!! Amazing

foto 2 (4)

This is how I spent my 4th of July: for lunch we went to Suemi’s house for her Farewell party and at the same time there was Thomas’ welcome party.
There was the typical 4th of July BBQ with hamburgers, hotdogs, corn bread, roasted corn on the cob and also Mac and Cheese, cookies and two cakes!
In the afternoon we watched the soccer game and then I came back home to rest a little bit.
In the evening I went to a park downtown Wilkes-Barre (my town) to see the fireworks with other au pairs, and they were really cool. In the background some patriotic songs were playing and it was full of people!
After the fireworks I ended the day with a drink with au pairs and friends!

Susa & Mapu

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